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Reasons Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Many people think that money is a tried and trusted way to be happy. After all, they allow you to obtain various material goods that may make your life much more comfortable and bright. However, is the impact of money, actually, so significant? Well, it’s a very controversial question, and the answer depends on personal preferences and attitudes. In this material, we will try to explain the relationships and the misconceptions about money and happiness. 

Happiness is doing what you love

If you read various essay examples on the meaning of life, you will know that many people find true happiness in the opportunity of doing what they love. They will definitely tell you that money can’t buy happiness, as they don’t necessarily grant you such an opportunity. The point is that great money means some great responsibility. You may be extremely fond of traveling, but luck time for such an attraction. After all, you should keep on earning money and meeting the requirements of those who rely on you. For example, you can’t fail your investors just because you want to relax in some foreign countries. So, in this case, much depends on the responsibility that often comes with money. 

Money can’t buy time

Many people say that you have enough time but not enough money when you’re a university or college student. Later, when you finish your study, the situation may be completely opposite. You have enough money to spend time well, but you don’t have enough time. This may sound quite pessimistic, but you should always remember that your time is limited. If you spend your entire life pursuing wealth, they may be a moment when you realize that there’s no more time left for you. This means that you should prioritize emotions and positive relationships with other people. Although they may help you cure some illnesses, money will never grant you a much longer life. 

Money can’t buy friends

Friendship is one of the greatest things in our lives. It goes about sharing the joy of our happiest moments with other people. Friends may help you cope with the toughest moments of your education. They will also share their happiness to encourage you or listen to your problems when you really need such help. Many rich people say that they don’t have enough real friends. They think that many men or women pretend to be their friends or become their partners just to benefit from their wealth. It means that there is a great risk of being an extremely rich but extremely lonely person.

Money is just a tool in our lives

Remember that the main purpose of money is being a tool for the exchange of goods. You may find this information in almost any essay dedicated to the history of the economy and financial relations. If so, prioritizing cash and income as the purpose of your life seems quite irrational, isn’t it? Surely, you may be concerned with the question of how to buy happiness. However, most probably, you will not find any definite answers. You may be rich and still remain unhappy. The point is that even the presence of great wealth will still not bring you enough satisfaction. After all, you will still, at least subconsciously, understand that you own only a tool. 


Surely, we don’t want to underestimate the value of cash. However, the belief in happy money is quite naive. We certainly know that there are many things that are much more important than money. Whether you are a young student or a full-grown adult, bear this thought in mind. We strongly recommend you to pursue success and acquire material wealth. But never miss your real happiness just because of false priorities. 

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