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Hayes County Grand Jury acquits two officers in connection with deadly December 2022 shooting

HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A grand jury did not return the indictment of two police officers involved in the December 2022 fatal shooting, Hayes County Criminal District Attorney Kelly Higgins said in a news release. A grand jury found the shooting justified.

Shortly after midnight on Dec. 25, 2022, San Marcos police officers were dispatched to the 490 Barnes Drive apartment complex in connection with the disturbance, the release said.

Officers were told Kyle Lobo, 36, was in the house, drunk and armed with a handgun. was

Officers first saw Lobo in an outdoor walkway and saw him with a gun on his hip, the release said. When Lobo saw the officers, he took the little girl in his arms and went upstairs. According to the release, multiple officers tracked down Lobo, repeatedly demanding he be allowed to disarm and telling him not to reach for his weapon.

Lobo then handed his daughter over to someone in the apartment and unarmed him.

Two SMPD officers opened fire on Lobo, killing him, the release said. Additionally, the Texas Rangers conducted an investigation into the shooting.

According to officials, Lobo was a former SMPD officer. In October 2022, he was charged with domestic violence assault and injury to a child. Lobo resigned the same month in lieu of his dismissal, according to a release.

“The grand jury is made up of 12 Hayes County citizens and serves as the independent voice of the community,” Higgins said. “The Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office has released the results of its investigation. After hearing the evidence, a grand jury found that the officer’s actions were justified under the law and voted not to prosecute. The case is now closed.”

https://www.kxan.com/news/local/san-marcos/hays-county-grand-jury-clears-2-officers-in-connection-to-dec-2022-deadly-shooting/ Hayes County Grand Jury acquits two officers in connection with deadly December 2022 shooting

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