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Frisco ISD votes to remove some books from school libraries

The five books permanently pulled off the shelf had previously been scrutinized and deemed appropriate by parents, school staff, and administrators.

FRISCO, Texas — Board members of the Frisco Independent School District removed five books from the district’s shelves Wednesday night after state Republican lawmakers objected to the district’s review of 28 books weeks ago. voted to permanently delete the book of

It was the first time the board voted to permanently remove a title from the district shelf.

Rep. Jared Patterson of the 106th District appealed to the board to reconsider the title after it was reviewed by parents, staff and administrators and deemed appropriate.

Paterson is Frisco ISD Parents with three children in the district. He also plans to introduce new legislation for the 2023 legislative session to address sexually explicit books in schools.

In August, he announced that he was challenging 28 books within the district, “each of which was pulled by a neighboring district or national bookseller PermaBound for its blatant nature.”

Frisco ISD told WFAA it has been combing library inventories since 2021 to review obscene or explicit books.

To date, the district has removed at least 307 books from library shelves.

To see a list of those titles and why they were removed, click here.

Parents or citizens have several options to contest a book for review within their school district.

The school district may conduct an expedited review if certain explicit or obscene content in the book is flagged. Learn more about.

But most book challenges can face three stages of review.

If there is a problem with the material, a Level 1 review includes parents and school staff reviewing the book to ensure that it is appropriate.

If it is deemed appropriate and the complainant disagrees with the conclusions of the review, they may appeal for a Level 2 review involving district officials and management.

If the conclusions of that review are not to the challenger’s liking, they can appeal and let the Board make the final decision on the book.

In this case, seven of the books Patterson challenged reached Level 3 and asked the board to give final decision.

The political make-up of the Frisco ISD board then came into the spotlight Right PAC In the May election, he endorsed the candidates Stephanie Elad and Marvin Lowe.

The pair recently announced a board-approved restroom policy that requires students to go to the restroom of the gender they were assigned at birth.

For each district, administrators can make accommodation for students upon request.

Lowe expressed her displeasure when she voted in favor of the policy, saying that transgender students should use gender-neutral restrooms and parents should not use restrooms in large numbers with other users. He said that he would like to guarantee to

The district faces backlash and the ACLU is asking federal officials to investigate the district.

On Wednesday, in front of a small audience, the Board reviewed each of the seven books.

Titles considered were “Okay Opposite”, “Chicken Girl”, “Glass”, “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “Glass Castle”, “Check Out #Hockey”, and “Absolutely True diary”. I am a part time Indian. “

There were enough Board members for a quorum, but two were absent.

Lowe and Elad each supported Patterson’s appeal. So he only needed one vote to permanently remove the book.

Only two books were not permanently removed: “Glass Castle” and “The Perks of being a Wallflower.”

Elad and Lowe commented on the review process, and both said they were shocked that they had to submit a review to the board given the material they had to review.

“I’m just amazed and disappointed at how far these books have come,” Elad said.

“I think it should be obvious to most people that some of the things we’re considering shouldn’t be in our library,” Lowe said.

Board member John Classe said he respects the work of the two previous reviews that he did before the vote.

Patterson was not at the meeting, but some of his staff were there.

He sent the following statement to WFAA:

“Since August 15, the Frisco ISD has submitted 28 formal requests for review of library books containing sexually explicit content. I am appealing those decisions because I chose to remove only 5 of the titles in the district.By October, senior district leadership had chosen to remove 16 more titles. However, seven titles remained, which led me to appeal again, and as of today, five more sexually explicit titles have been and have been removed due to the school board’s decision. Titles totaled 26 out of 28 with a 93% success rate from the first appeal.

Despite our success in removing this obscene content from schools, more action is needed. Parents cannot waste time and energy holding the school district accountable for inappropriate materials in the school library. Also, school district leaders have proven that they can’t fix the root problem of the problem. To remove sexually explicit books from schools, we will introduce legislation addressing this issue in our next session on behalf of parents, children and communities. “


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