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Fox issues cease and desist order to Tucker Carlson – One America News Network

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Mr. Oan Geraldine Berry
3:34 PM – Monday, June 12, 2023

Fox News has reportedly issued a cease and desist order to Tucker Carlson after the former Conservative network star host launched a new show on Twitter in breach of contract, according to Axios.


The deal, signed in November 2019 and amended in February 2021, limits Carlson’s ability to appear in other media outlets and news networks.

Fox News’ suspension letter was criticized by Carlson’s attorney, Hermit Dillon.

“Fox News continues to disregard the interests of its viewers, let alone shareholder obligations,” Dillon said in a statement. “Fox is now calling on Tucker Carlson to remain silent until after the 2024 election, reinforcing one of the most disastrous programming decisions in the history of the cable news industry.”

Carlson’s other attorney, Brian Friedman, argued that any legal action taken by Fox News violated the First Amendment rights of prominent television personalities.

“Fox defends its very existence on the basis of free speech,” Friedman said. “Now they are trying to strip Tucker Carlson of his right to speak freely because he shares his thoughts on current affairs on social media.”

FOX Networks claimed that the newscaster was said to be looking for ways to break a $20 million annual contract with the company.

Meanwhile, Carlson’s attorneys argue that the network’s abrupt and unannounced cancellation of Carlson’s show violated its contract, and that Carlson’s show is void.

April 23rdrdFox News has announced it is parting ways with its longtime host, just days after the network settled its lawsuit with the Dominion voting system.

Despite this, Fox continues to pay Carlson, saying the former host’s deal will keep his content exclusive to Fox until Dec. 31.cent2024.

Last week, Carlson delivered the first two episodes of his long-awaited 10-minute Twitter program.

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