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Fort Worth Police Department: Officer Added to Department

Dozens of new police officers will be added next fiscal year at the suggestion of Fort Worth City Council members.

Fort Worth, Texas — Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) has just graduated from another recruit class, and more new officers are on the way with the help of new city ordinances proposed by city councilors.

After new officer positions are approved, the police chief may assign and reassign some officers to serve as school resource officers, which is part of the relationship with Tarrant County schools.

Fort Worth Police Officer David Nicholson is originally from Wisconsin but moved to Texas several years ago. Since joining the FWPD and working closely with residents, Nicholson has added recruiting to his responsibilities. This is a difficult task for some people.

“Well, it’s easy,” said Nicholson. “People who love to make a difference. People who want to interact with people. People who want to grow.”

The Fort Worth City Council has proposed adding 73 new positions to the FWPD. The ordinance will increase the number of sworn officers in the police station from he 1,743 to he 1,816.

This proposal also comes with more payments.

The first-year executive base salary is just over $66,000. Assistant Her chief’s top pay is $180,000. Police chiefs are eligible for a salary of up to $251,000 annually.

During deployments, Nicholson makes sure that prospective first-year officers are earning more than the standard starting salary.

“It’s just the beginning. And at the end of the first year, you’ll be 70 or 70-plus,” Nicholson said. If so, we are paying to be bilingual.”

That said, Fort Worth competes with other police departments for new recruits. Many departments are trying to offer incentives, and in some cases police departments are paying contract bonuses.

Nicholson believes Fort Worth’s unique lifestyle, culture and quality of life are all selling points that help him work. He quit the fire department and became a Fort Worth police officer.

“I fell in love with Fort Worth when I moved here,” said Nicholson.

Nicholson uses Cowtown as one of his selling points to get more people interested in protecting and serving the city.

“If you really want a family that feels like a western experience, lots of traditions, good food, good sightseeing, and good people,” Nicholson said.

The ordinance to increase the number of sworn officers and the new pay scale will go into effect on October 1, 2022, when the division’s fiscal year begins. Council members are also considering an ordinance to add personnel to the Fort Worth Fire Department.


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