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Fort Worth McDonald’s rolls out new automated locations with no eat-in option

The Big Mac Attack has become satisfying from the comfort of the car, requiring little human contact.

McDonald’s, the nation’s largest fast food chain, highly automated place No indoor seating available right outside Fort Worth. Such a place is the only one in the country.

“Inside and outside features are aimed at customers planning to dine at home or on the go,” McDonald’s said. press statement explain the design.

The restaurant at 8540 West Freeway in the White Settlement offers multiple modes of ordering and collecting fares. A dedicated drive-thru lane allows you to pre-order and pick up burgers and drinks from the conveyor belt. A company spokesperson said employees will receive order numbers and can answer questions throughout the process.

On-site ordering kiosks accept cash or credit, parking is available for curbside pickup, and food delivery providers like GrubHub drivers also have dedicated areas to streamline interactions.

Customers rate it highly, says McDonald’s spokesperson New technology and ease of ordering related to “Order Ahead Lane”. He also claimed that delivery drivers appreciated the simplicity of the area just for picking up customer orders.

Franchisee Keith Vanessek and manager Rosemin Jusab are two of the people behind the new test restaurant operations.

Having worked at McDonald’s for 20 years since college, Jussab enjoys a challenge and the technology that comes with it. “The focus on technology at this restaurant is amazing and shows that we are focused on innovation. It’s exciting to be a part of,” she said. Press release.

For those concerned that such automated restaurants will eliminate entry-level jobs, McDonald’s expects the restaurant format will require a number of team members comparable to traditional stores. Employees are required to receive orders, assist in using self-order kiosks, and interact with customers and the restaurant team during deliveries. curb order.

The recent coronavirus pandemic likely contributed to the speed of automation seen in industries such as fast food restaurants today, economist Vance Ginn said. Texan.

Jin said the pandemic has made it harder to find workers, inflation has pushed up the wages demanded by new graduates, and high turnover has increased the cost of training. These factors have combined to accelerate the adoption of technologies like McDonald’s new proving grounds.

“Companies have to make a profit or they can’t stay in business,” Ginn points out.

“Short term [the automation] It may cost some money, but other work will come,” Gin said. He suggested there would be a shift to other jobs, as has always happened when technology advanced and other industries were shut out.

“People mourned the end of the horse and buggy when the Model T was created, but we don’t want to go back,” he added.

Additionally, entry-level workers may be encouraged to undergo training in more advanced technical skills to join the workforce.

McDonald’s aims to provide customers with a more satisfying and seamless service by using automation at its new testing locations. struggled with customer satisfactionfalls to the bottom of the list, 15 points behind Chick-Fil-A, a longtime leader whose employees proclaim “delight” in serving customers.

It remains to be seen whether the latest test locations will help McDonald’s improve its satisfaction rankings, or whether it will be adopted elsewhere.

“That’s the beauty of the free market,” commented Ginn. “Companies can try new things and see if they pay off. It allows experimentation.”

https://thetexan.news/fort-worth-mcdonalds-rolls-out-new-automated-location-without-dine-in-option/ Fort Worth McDonald’s rolls out new automated locations with no eat-in option

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