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Foreign, New Disinformation Bureau to Fight US ‘Public Opinion’

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes announced Thursday that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has created a new disinformation agency, the Foreign Malignant Impact Center (FMIC).

Addressing the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday, alluding to legislation passed a year ago, Haynes testified “Congress enacted a law to create a foreign malicious influence center in intelligence agencies. We supported it.”

“That includes our election intimidation campaign,” she added, “basically looking at foreign influence and election interference, but also dealing with disinformation more generally. I’m here.

according to legislation Haynes says the FMIC will be able to track not only foreign disinformation campaigns, but also “public opinion within the United States.”

Haynes said FMIC will work with the Global Engagement Center.

“What we’ve been doing is,” the Intel chief continued. Russia, Iran, etc.

according to racket newsAntony Brinken, an adviser to then-Vice President Joe Biden and now head of the State Department, “oversees” the GEC, which it calls “one of the most important anti-disinformation initiatives of the U.S. government. #twitterfile 17), and is currently claimed to have launched his own disinformation campaign Related to Hunter Biden’s laptop. ”

Furthermore, according to reports, intercept According to Air Force Reserve Intelligence Officer Major Neil Perry, the creation of the FMIC is “puzzling” because it mimics the purpose of the GEC.

“Decision,” Perry writes“Creating a new agency is puzzling for two reasons. First, the FMIRC [Foreign Malign Influence Response Center, an earlier name for the FMIC] Duplicate the mission of GEC. GEC has already developed an assessment of influence operations that includes a team of 30 data scientists who monitor the public information environment and share their analysis with the Department of State and interagency partners. ”

“Second, Congress did not detail how the FMIRC would work with the GEC. In passing this bill, Congress did not eliminate the GEC or reduce its mandate. “The GEC may not only survive, but may exercise more resources soon. In May 2021, the Senate passed legislation doubling the GEC’s annual budget.”

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