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Federal Lawsuit Against Former Dallas Police Officer

Former cop Melvin Williams has been fired from the Dallas Police Department after he allegedly violated the Dallas Police Department’s use of force policy.

DALLAS — A former Dallas police officer is being sued in federal court after he allegedly assaulted a man.

A lawsuit is being filed by Jesus Lulais against Melvin Williams. The lawsuit alleges that Williams assaulted Relais on July 18, 2021, even though Williams did not threaten or resist Williams.of dallas police department He fired Williams on January 25, 2022.

A month before he was fired, details of the lawsuit, criminal charges were filed against Williams for the reported assault on Lulais. At the time, the video of the assault went viral.

Assault isn’t the only criminal charge against Williams. In February 2022, criminal charges were filed against Williams and her DPD Senior Cpl. Ryan Mabry was charged with felony aggravated assault with a lethal weapon by a public official and misdemeanor charges of obstructing a public official. George Floyd in action during protests Summer 2020 in downtown Dallas.

However, Lule’s latest lawsuit focuses solely on an incident that allegedly occurred on July 18, 2021. Lule was with his friend in his Deep Ellum that day when Williams responded to the scene of a brawl unrelated to his Lule.

When Lule went to help a female friend who was on the ground, Williams reportedly began to unilaterally attack Lule, the lawsuit states.

“Before completing the order to ‘raise your butt,’ Williams applied enough force to push Mr. Roulet backwards and trip him back several steps,” the lawsuit reads.

According to the lawsuit, Williams knocked Lulu over and hit a lamppost, then immediately threw a punch.

“Mr. Lule never hit or attempted to hit Williams before Williams attacked him or after Williams began attacking him,” the lawsuit states. increase.

Williams was seen by paramedics and taken to hospital after the incident, Suits read. EMT reported that Lule had blood in both ears and a lip and needed stitches to close a cut to his left ear lobe. was.

According to the complaint, medical reports indicated that Lule also had a rash on his face from the car accident.

Lule was also served with a public intoxication subpoena, but the charges were dismissed in February 2022.

Other Dallas officers spoke with Lule at his home after the assault, The lawsuit says it recorded the conversation.

“When I saw the video of that cop standing over you and punching you in the face, it pissed me off,” one officer told Lule, according to the complaint. What happened was a man on his back being beaten by a cop… In my 22 years I have never been trained to hit someone when they gave me a lip. That’s never right.”

The lawsuit alleges that Williams was stripped of its Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights by Relais. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unjustified searches and seizures, and the Fourteenth Amendment protects citizens from being deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process by the state.

“The amount of force Williams used on Mr. Lulu as described above when he repeatedly punched Ms. Lulu in the face after she pushed her to the ground is objectively unacceptable under the circumstances. It was unreasonable and caused unnecessary injury, pain, and suffering for Mr. Lulu,” Suit reads.

The complaint alleges that a sensible officer in Williams’ position would push someone to the ground or repeatedly punch someone when that person did not threaten the officer or anyone else or resist arrest. He claims that he would have known that this was clearly unreasonable and excessive.

Lule seeks unspecified punitive damages and seeks a jury trial.

The WFAA has contacted the DPD and said it does not comment on the pending lawsuit.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/crime/federal-lawsuit-filed-former-dallas-police-officer-alleges-4th-14th-amendment-violations/287-5ea09357-1131-432f-9b4c-4355c95aa26c Federal Lawsuit Against Former Dallas Police Officer

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