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FC Dallas vs LAFC: Recap, Highlights & More

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Los Angeles — Welcome keep score: The complete FC Dallas game day experience.

This week, FC Dallas heads west to the City of Angels to face MLS defending champions LAFC. Both sides entered the match with 7 points each, with 2 wins and 1 draw. LAFC is undefeated at home to FC Dallas (3 wins, 1 draw) and he continued that streak with a 2-1 win on Saturday night.

LAFC scored early thanks to a goal from a high press. FC Dallas goalie Maarten Paes cleared the ball and hit Kwadu Opok in the chest, who threw it to Timothy Tillman. Tillman scored first in the third minute.

After Jesús Ferreira’s shot was blocked, Edwin Serillo’s shot from outside the box appeared to level the game at 1–1 in the 17th minute. However, VAR reviewed the play and removed the goal.

In the 35th minute Emma Toumasi was sent off with a red card after a hard challenge.

FC Dallas dropped one goal and one player and scratched and scratched for about 40 minutes before leveling the match. Serillo won a free-kick and Marco Farfan kicked an outswinging ball, but it was deflected into the air and centre-back Nkosi Tafari finished.

Dennis Buanga came off the bench to give LAFC the lead again in the 83rd minute after a right-footed shot at a very tight angle.

The Toros fight was brave, but playing nearly every game against a talented team in LAFC was too expensive to climb the mountain. FC Dallas was down on guns and manpower in basically every way.

  • Shots: 20-7
  • Number of shots: 6-3
  • Ownership: 57.7%-42.3%
  • Corner kick: 7-0
  • Duel win rate: 51.5%-48.5%

But, unsurprisingly, almost two-thirds of the games we were down one player. Either way… the loss moves FC Dallas to 2-2-1. The club sits fifth in the Western Conference standings.

FC fit check

Comfortable and cool for road trips. Alan Velasco wearing the #DTID flavor. Simple but stylish. i dig it

Foodie Fun in Frisco

Rain check now. At our last away game, we tried the McDonald’s secret menu. It was his long week at the WFAA covering bad weather on Friday morning. Next week we will be back at the Toyota Stadium Concession.

#DTID Man of the Match

He scored a long-range goal that ultimately did not count as VAR stole it and drew a foul on the free-kick that led to Tafari’s goal.

what they said

This section will be updated after the post-match press conference concludes.

injury update

This section will be updated after the post-match press conference concludes.

What’s next/8 ball predictions

FC Dallas will return for a home match against the Portland Timbers on Saturday, April 1st. TV information: Apple TV+ – MLS Season Pass – 7:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.

“8 Ball” Bold Prediction Tracker:

FC Dallas has three players with 12 or more goals this season: Jesús Ferreira, Paul Ariola and Alan Velasco.

  • Ferreira: 3/12
  • Ariola: 0/12
  • Velasco: 2/12

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