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FBI arrests 6,000 people in mass operation over summer, seizes firearms and fentanyl

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FBI Agents Arrest Nearly 6,000 People assault charge suspect More than 2,700 firearms and large quantities of fentanyl have been seized nationwide in the last four months.

The operation, conducted with local law enforcement from Los Angeles to Buffalo, New York, is due to a recent surge in deaths from violent crime and drug overdoses.

“Violent crime is on the minds of many Americans right now, and the police chiefs and security guards who constantly tell me that the rising rate of gun and gang violence are one of their most important and difficult challenges. It’s a top government priority,” the FBI director said. Christopher Ray said.

America’s New Crime Capital: These Cities Have the Highest Murders Per Capita

The national average homicide rate will reach 6.9 per 100,000 population in 2021, the highest in almost 25 years.A study of major U.S. cities found that the murder rate was Approximately 2.4% drop So far in 2022, other violent crime categories continue to grow.

On the other hand, drug overdose deaths Over 107,000 nationwide In 2021, we updated our record high.

Law enforcement efforts this summer dismantled more than 105 gangs involved in gun violence and drug trafficking, according to the FBI.

just this month Albuquerque FBI Gangster Task Force Over 1 million fentanyl pills, 142 pounds of methamphetamine, $1.8 million in cash, 37 firearms and 2 hand grenades seized as part of operations targeting Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico prison gangs, Sureños and West Side Locos Did.

In Texas, 10 members of the Houston-based MS-13 gang were indicted in August on various charges, including racketeering conspiracy and the murder of seven people.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas said, “These murders were allegedly brutal in nature and included the killing of a young woman and a police informant.” It also included multiple acts of mutilation and dismemberment.”

Historic 2021 violent crime totals on pace to exceed mid-2022 in six major cities

FBI Director Christopher Wray announced the arrest of more than 6,000 violent crime suspects this week.
(AFP via Mandel Gunn/Pool/Getty Images)

Elsewhere, 28 members Los Angeles-based Eastside Playboys The gang was arrested on drug, racketeering and firearm charges. In Chicago he was arrested for three violent carjackings. In Hawaii, three people were arrested on drug trafficking and illegal gambling charges. In Pennsylvania, he had 25 arrests in drug trafficking operations spanning multiple states including Florida, Puerto Rico, Arizona, and US territories.


“I believe the FBI’s most sacred duty is to allow people to live free from fear in their homes and neighborhoods,” Wray said this week.

“To that end, we are dedicating agent, analyst, and technical resources across the country to work with state and local law enforcement agencies on these operations.”

https://www.foxnews.com/us/fbi-makes-6000-arrests-seizes-firearms-fentanyl-massive-summer-long-operation FBI arrests 6,000 people in mass operation over summer, seizes firearms and fentanyl

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