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Fayette County: Local hospitals suspend services due to financial difficulties

Fayette County, Texas (KXAN) — Rural hospitals are critical lifelines for people living outside major cities, but over the years some have been threatened with closure or have lost service. had to be reduced.

St. Marks Medical Center has become the latest casualty in this ongoing struggle to keep rural hospitals running.

according to press release From St. Mark’s, the steering committee unanimously decided to pursue becoming a rural emergency hospital. This will allow the hospital to stay open and serve the community with modified services.

According to the press release, Rural Emergency Hospital is designated to maintain access to urgent critical outpatient services in areas where community hospitals may not be financially supported or maintained.

Service closures include inpatient services, surgical services, orthopedic care, post-acute rehabilitation, outpatient care, and speech therapy.

St. Marks Medical Center will continue to provide 24/7 emergency services, pharmacy services, cardiac rehabilitation, laboratory work, x-rays and imaging, mammography, and treatment for physical, occupational and respiratory needs. Offers.

LaGrange Mayor Jan Dockery told KXAN he is working with others in the city to see if anything can be done to bring all services back to hospitals.

This story is a work in progress and will be updated after the 6pm newscast.

https://www.kxan.com/news/local/fayette-county-lack-of-finances-causes-rural-hospital-to-stop-services/ Fayette County: Local hospitals suspend services due to financial difficulties

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