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Family of sex trafficking victim missing at Mavs game frustrated by police response

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, multiple people have been indicted and even convicted in the case.

North Richland Hills, Texas — The past eight months have been a rollercoaster for Brooke and Kyle Morris. A rollercoaster of emotions, clues, false starts, and trying to put the pieces together.

Kyle Morris admits he’s still angry.

“Are you mad at yourself? Yes, because I still have it. Are you mad at the security guys? Absolutely. Absolutely,” said Kyle Morris.

He took his daughter to a Dallas Mavericks game in early April.During the match he was 15 at the time left her seat and never returnedMorris informed security during the match, but she told him he needed to report her to the local police station in North Richland Hills as a runaway.

Eleven days later, police found him at the Oklahoma City hotel where he had been sex trafficked.

“There is some frustration and anger with that cop, especially with the cop who sent me home that night,” Morris said.

In response to a previous request in this case, the Dallas Police Department provided a Texas State Code that explains how to respond to a runaway incident. This is how the department classifies Morris’ daughters.

The Morriss said surveillance footage from the arena showed their daughter leaving with a strange man. However, before she left the area, she was seen roaming the American Airlines Center, sitting on the steps outside, and roaming the area with multiple men.

Kyle Morris said he passed by multiple security guards who could have approached her if he had been told to look for her when he reported her missing.

“I find it confusing and frustrating as to why they didn’t report it to all the guards,” Morris said. I told them what she was wearing and she walked past some guards.”

Almost eight months later, on December 12, Dallas police released surveillance photos of three AAC men. The man, whom the AAC calls a “person of interest,” may have information that he was sexually assaulted the day his teen was seen leaving the stadium. I have. .

A DPD release said she believed she was assaulted the same day she was seen together at the stadium and believed the man in the photo could provide information about where the assault took place. I’m here.

Brooke Morris said, “She’s already told me where these things are going and the details, so I’m actually pissed off.

Her daughter has been recovering for months, but has written in her diary what happened to her as part of her healing process. , said in one of her entries that it detailed three men who drugged and assaulted her in Dallas.

“She says all three men raped her over the course of several days in Dallas.

The WFAA requested an update interview with the DPD detective assigned to the case, but was only provided with a release and images asking for the public’s help in identifying persons of interest.

Morris struggled to get answers from the department on the day her daughter went missing and in the months that followed, frustrated with their response.

“It’s just not being listened to, there’s a lack of urgency,” Morris said.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, multiple people have been indicted and even convicted in the case.

Oklahoma City Police initially arrested eight people. The ministry said some of those arrested were arrested on outstanding warrants in other cases, but in this case he was charged with three multiple felony charges. Two of them have already been sentenced to prison.

Sarah Hayes, 33, and Kenneth Nelson, 44, pleaded guilty to multiple felonies. It is included. Nelson also pleaded guilty to child abuse charges.

Hayes was sentenced to 10 years in prison and Nelson to 12 years.

A third suspect, Stephen Hill, was with a teenage girl when police found her. He faces rape charges and will face a jury trial beginning in April unless he makes a plea bargain.

“She knows there might be a trial, but we haven’t given her the date in case he sues,” Brooke Morris said. I don’t want to increase her anxiety.”

Their daughter recently moved into a new treatment program that caters to victims of sex trafficking.

Kyle Morris said, “This is probably the first time I feel completely confident and at ease knowing she is in a healing environment.

Brooke Morris said she wanted two things, for her daughter to be healed and, in this case, for the type of justice that would prevent the same person from doing the same thing to someone else.

She said the first part would be difficult for her daughter as long as there are people involved who are not in custody.

“I know people in Dallas have not been arrested and have not been contacted by law enforcement. I know that is still there,” Morris said.


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