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Election Verification To Avoid Confusion, Except Arizona

Santa Fe, New Mexico – The certification of this year’s midterm election results appears to be proceeding smoothly with little controversy across the country, with the exception of a small county in Arizona. election conspiracy It creates confusion by refusing to confirm voter intent.

Even where doubts about the fairness of the election deepened and led to violent clashes at local rallies, action was orderly.

in Nevada, A Hotbed of Election Conspiracy Theories The motion of throwing away the voting machine and voting Count all ballots by handall 17 counties met Friday night’s deadline to prove their election results.

In rural Elko County, just weeks after questioning the reliability of voting machines and expressing support for hand-counting all ballots, county commissioners unanimously accredited the results. .

The Commissioner praised County Clerk Chris Jakeman for the post-election audit, which included randomized hand counts to corroborate the machine tally results. Several commissioners said seeing the audit helped assuage their skepticism.

“We have learned a lot this year,” said Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi. “And I’m grateful to everyone who has educated me and helped me become more conscious about the whole process.”

It’s been much the same story in New Mexico, where several local county commissions have come under intense pressure from some residents to deny certification since the state’s primary election in June.

Otero County in Danger happened this summer When commissioners first refused to certify after the primary, the results of the general election were unanimously certified without drama this week.

“In my heart, I think Otero County is doing a good job,” said Commission Chair Vicky Marquardt. “There is no reason not to authenticate this election.”

In another rural New Mexico county, an enthusiastic crowd bellowed “cowards” and “traitors” at county commissioners who approved the results of primary elections in June, but this week the All-Republican Board of Governors The room fell silent as he watched the tally of votes and signatures. pollster. The commissioner posed questions to Torrance County election officials before he voted 3-0 for certification.

the committee had spent months answering the question A voting system with manual recounts of preliminary votes and invitations to participate in security testing of vote counters.

“Commissioners, I see no contradiction. What about you?” Ryan Schwebach, chairman of the Republican Commission, told colleagues. He won re-election to the local constituency by winning his two-thirds of the votes, defeating a challenger who claimed the vote counting machines were unreliable. All but one of his counties in New Mexico approved this week’s ballot tallies.

conspiracy focused Protesters gathered in front of the Election Commission in Reno, Nevada, on Friday, holding signs that read “Don’t Prove Before Handcount” and “We People Demand Handcount.” Despite the protests, the Washoe County Commission voted 4 to 1 to prove the result.

County Commissioner Gene Herman, who represents the most rural part of the county that stretches north to the Oregon border, cast the sole dissenting vote. failed to push forward with an electoral reform package that relied solely on

Christian Brown, a Reno gun control activist, told the commission that the system had worked so well this year that even most candidates who had embraced the lies of the 2020 election conceded.

“Denying the results doesn’t change them,” she said.

In Arizona, 15 counties in the state are just beginning to prove their election results, and they have until November 28th to conduct surveys and send final ballot tallies to the Secretary of State. Republican Kari Lake, who lost the gubernatorial race, refused to admit In a video on Thursday, she said she has a team of lawyers looking into whether the election day issues in the polls have disenfranchised some voters.

The two Republicans who control the board in southeastern Arizona’s Cochise County postponed certification Friday night after hearing from three conspiracy theorists who claimed the vote-counting machines were uncertified. Did. The commission ignored testimony from the state board of elections, which said the allegations were false.

Board postpones voting until November 28 deadline, they said they wanted to see the evidence and had three men evaluate it. State elections commissioner Cori Rorick threatened to take legal action to “enforce compliance” and ensure votes from nearly 46,000 residents are reported.

The state is set to prove results in all 15 counties on December 5th.

Under Arizona law, the sole role of elected county commissions is to accept the numbers tallied by the elections department. If they refuse to do so, either the Secretary of State or the candidate will file a lawsuit.

Election authentication emerged as a subsequent issue 2020 presidential election In Trump and his ally Michigan Republicans Under Pressure both on state accreditation boards and on Wayne County accreditation boards, including Detroit. The results showed Democrat Joe Biden won the state by 154,000 votes behind him, and were finally certified.

Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey said her office expects no problems with certification for the Nov. 8 general election. By noon Friday, results were certified in her 71 of her 83 counties in the state.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said, “More Michigan citizens are voting than ever in the midterm elections, with statewide bipartisan voting commissions certifying the results in accordance with state law.” We are optimistic that all voters will continue to demonstrate this level of professionalism and commitment to upholding the will of the voters.”


Sonar reported from Reno, Nevada. Associated Press writers are Christina A. Cassidy of Atlanta, Ken Ritter of Las Vegas and Gabe Stern of Reno. and Corey Williams of Detroit contributed to this report.


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