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Dove Cameron, Yola, Lil Baby, Best and Worst Performances

The 50th anniversary of the American Music Awards, from the first nominees to performer Glorilla To an immortal icon Stevie Wonder.

Artists crossing genres such as carrie underwoodImagine Dragons, Anitta, Lil Baby and Yola Top Sunday’s Performance Lineup rock hall of fame Lionel Richie will be celebrated with the annual Icon Awards and a Wonder-led tribute.

pink with pencil A pair of performances – a tribute to her bubbly new single ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ late olivia newton john.

Debuts are also a major part of the event. David Guetta and Bebe Rexha unveiled “I’m Good (Blue)” for the first time on US television. Dove Cameron and Anitta give their first performance on the AMA stage.

Let’s see how the 2022 AMA performers fared.

Dove Cameron “Boyfriend”

Focused on sensuality, Dove Cameron slipped through a lustful finger-snapper in a red bustier and black jacket. The bisexual singer-actress surrounded the female dancer who was the object of her lust, returned Cameron’s flirt, kissed her hand and caressed her face. This song that fits has received an ideal visual complement.

Yola “Break the Bough”

Yola surprises the crowd at the AMA "Break the bough."

The British soul/rock/R&B mogul captured the audience’s attention. The first sound of the horn and the sound of her mighty voiceYola’s enthusiasm as she slammed a tambourine into her feet while walking down the runway on stage was contagious. The combination of lit up palm trees and the “Miami Her Vice” color scheme imbued the scene with an air of carefreeness, but Yola’s voice was commanding.

‘In a Minute’ and ‘California Breeze’ by Lil Baby

Lil Baby gave an atmospheric performance of his hit "straight away" When "California Breeze."

The Atlanta rapper has opted for a subdued vibe with two hits from his third album, It’s Only Me.A sea of ​​dry ice covered the stage lil baby Passed through while spreading slow burning “straight away.” During his thoughtful performance, he sat at the end of the stage, looking directly at the audience/cameras and sharing his rapid-flowing story (at least, the one identifiable between the beeps).

Lil Baby “Untrapped”:Young Thug and Gunna surprise audiences with cameos in new documentary

Pink, “Dedicated to you helplessly”

Pink sent an emotional tribute to Olivia Newton-John "Hopelessly devoted to you."

Pink is a very different type of singer than Olivia Newton-John. Pink was all husky muscular and Newton-John was a sweet songbird. It worked fine. Gorgeous ballad of heartache from “Grease” soundtrack Remaining timeless, Pink’s expressiveness while singing revealed her admiration for Newton-John. Ending with a rising vocal, Pink wore a sheer gown and was mesmerized by a photo of the feathery beauty Newton-John seen from the video screen.

Olivia Newton-John: her courage in the face of the unimaginable

Imagine Dragon, Bones, Enemy with JID

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds (left) and JID team up for high energy "enemy."

Dancers are not always expected imagine dragons But surrounded by more playmates in the sandbox, frontman Dan Reynolds thrives. The sculpted singer – we know him because of his open-front shirt with abs – “Skeleton.” for “enemy,” After flames engulfed the stage and ran through the rocker’s rap portion as an introduction to JID, he, Reynolds, and the dance team collapsed in a pile at the end of the song.

imagine dragons:Dan Reynolds analyzes five ‘vulnerable’ songs on new album ‘Mercury – Act 1’

GloRilla and Cardi B, “Tomorrow 2”

GloRilla and Cardi B went all out "Tomorrow 2."

Memphis rapper GloRilla started his performance sitting on a lighted motorcycle before walking across the stage to meet Cardi Bshe “Tomorrow 2” A partner for hard-bleep lyrical trade-offs. Dressed in bright yellow (GloRilla) and blue (Cardi B), the pair seemed loose as they rocked onstage. The rear end shook, goofy dance moves were performed, and bursts of Pyro added exclamation points to the duet.

Cardi B deletes Twitter and Instagram:Fans criticize her for not attending the Grammy Awards

Carrie Underwood “Crazy Angels”

Carrie Underwood emerges from the air "crazy angels."

Good luck with your pink tribute, carrie underwood Hanging upside down above the crowd in a circular device that zipped her to the stage.With Underwood flying through the air on her current tour, she looked comfortable stepping onto the stage in her pink, white and black catsuit in bare feet as she sang. country rock numberA Guns N’ Roses aficionado, Underwood teased his hair into hairmetal mode and delivered a strong performance with Axl Rose’s swivel move.

Denim & Rhinestones:Carrie Underwood shares ‘super selfish’ moments on her new tour

Anitta and Missy Elliott, ‘Envolver’ and ‘Lobby’

Anitta and Missy Elliott were all smiles at the end of their performance.

sexy Anitta She prowled the stage sexy and seductive while pressing her pelvis to the floor. “Emvolver” Two eager male suitors followed her swinging hips and sang in Spanish.The Brazilian star spun behind the scenes with a luggage cart to allow Missy Elliott to create an always welcoming entrance “lobby,” The pair’s hit summer collaboration. Dressed in funky glasses, a sparkly suit, and silver sneakers, Elliot glides her way down one lane of the stage to a fluid rhythm before hugging Anitta in the middle of the stage. Before exchanging smiles with him, he didn’t make me feel his age.

Method is as follows.Karol G, Natti Natasha, Becky G, Anitta and more women are changing reggaeton

Bebe Rexha “I’m Good (Blue)”

Brought to you by Bebe Rexha "I'm fine (blue)" to US TV viewers.

running Electro dance collaboration with David Guetta For the first time on American television, Bebe Rexha I chose a futuristic motif. Dressed in a metal bust-baring jumpsuit, Lexa bounced amidst Smokey’s blue stage strobe his lights flashing. A rework of the 1998 Eiffel 65 hit “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” shines, Rexha continues to glisten, lifted on a hydraulic platform, above a circle of hated dancers like The final note of the song belted out Space Age Mickey Mouse.

“I want you to accept me for who I am”:Bebe Rexha shares her bipolar diagnosis in emotional post

Pink, “Never Gonna Not Dance Again”

Pink rolled into the Microsoft Theater for her opening performance "Never Gonna Not Dance Again."

Choose “Let’s get the party started” Opening the 2022 American Music Awards proved to be a sensible decision.Once you overcome the double negative grammar pink new song, it’s easy to enjoy this fizzy pop cocktail. The tape showed Pink in a cotton candy jacket roller skating outside of dim Los Angeles, but then inevitably Microsoft he “arrived” at the theater and continued the song. . Pink’s disco-tastic staging is enhanced with fuchsia and purple neon, a troop of skate-his dancers, and Pyro’s pop, coloring the colorful backdrop and matching the song’s lighthearted vibe. As always approachable, Pink showed her humanity by stopping for a few seconds to catch her breath.

Pink opens up about therapy and miscarriage at age 17:“My body looks like it’s going to break”

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