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DFW Snow Timeline, Amounts, North Texas Winter Weather

North Texas could see a mix of rain and snow Tuesday night through Tuesday night. A winter weather advisory has been issued for parts of North Texas.

Dallas — A quick summary of what we expect:

  • Parts of northern Texas may see mixed rain/snow or snow starting Tuesday evening.
  • Heavy snowfall is unlikely in DFW, but some travel issues can occur in northern and western North Texas
  • Rain and snow clear overnight, Wednesday starts with chilly temperatures but above freezing for most areas

In English: Clima en Dallas-Fort Worth ahora: Aire frió y lluvia se espera en el Norte de Texas. Sera suficiente para la nieve?

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winter weather advisory

A winter weather advisory has been issued for western and northern North Texas.

Most of D-FW is currently not subject to winter weather advisories, but Denton and Collin counties have been added to the list.

Areas with winter weather advisories have the highest chance of snow accumulation. Mainly on lawns and hills. However, these elevations can include bridges and overpasses, which can create muddy or snowy conditions and mobility problems.


Tuesday Midnight to Midnight:

A mostly snowy round moves across the northern part of North Texas. North of DFW to the north.

However, temperatures continue to stay near freezing, so most of the snow melts when it hits the ground or roads. For DFW, brief dusting is possible, but transfer problems are unlikely.

Overnight – Wednesday morning

Precipitation will decrease overnight and dry across north Texas by Wednesday morning.

Nighttime temperatures stay below freezing for most of the day, so refreezing and road icing are rare. The exception is north and west Texas, where temperatures can drop to near or below freezing. Those areas may see icy roads first on Wednesday.

Expected amount of snow

The further north you go, the more likely you are to get snow. Mainly for lawns and hills.

In and around DFW, grassy areas and high ground can experience snowfall and short periods of snowfall, but snow trails are unlikely.

Temperatures are expected to stay below freezing, so snow and icy roads are unlikely to cause widespread travel problems.

The exceptions are areas further north or northwest, where high volumes can make roads muddy or snowy.

total precipitation

As of Tuesday evening, north Texas is experiencing widespread rainfall ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. This lasts the rain we need!

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