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DEWALT Tool Set Sale Facebook Post is a SCAM

The scam’s Facebook post features photos of tool sets from brands such as DEWALT, with prices starting at $29.99. Sets typically sell for hundreds of dollars.

From 2019 to 2021, American homeowners spent an estimated $624 billion on do-it-yourself home renovation projects. U.S. Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey.

Many DIY projects require large purchases such as expensive power tools.

VERIFY viewer Nate recently sent a Facebook post promoting a huge sale of power tools that typically cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. He asked if they were legal sales.

1 post Advertises the 32-piece DEWALT set for $29.99. Another ad advertises a 24-piece set $39.99.View his other Facebook posts in full Milwaukee Tool Palettes Now On Sale At Over 90% Off Retail Price,postage included.


Is it legal to post a power tool checkout sale on Facebook?

source of information


No, it’s not legal to post a power tool checkout sale on Facebook. they are a scam.

what we found

DEWALT and milwaukee tools has issued a statement on its website warning shoppers to be aware of these scams.

“Recently, we have seen official DEWALT accounts and fraudulent websites masquerading as legitimate sales platforms for DEWALT products. at an unbelievably overpriced price.” According to the DEWALT website.

Fraudulent websites try to obtain credit card information or trick consumers into making non-refundable payments, DEWALT said.

Both Milwaukee Tool and DEWALT sell their products through authorized retailers, whether they are small family owned stores or large stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

According to Home Depot’s website, as of March 2, A 10 piece DEWALT combo tool set is priced at $649.00A 7-piece set with various tools. Lowe’s Home Improvement is also $649.00. About the same price Home Depot Milwaukee Tool Combo SetVERIFY did not find a large number of tool sets for sale from authorized sellers at prices similar to the fraudulent postings.

you can find a list of Click here for DEWALT official dealers and Click here for Milwaukee Tool Authorized Dealers.

of Better Business Bureau says Facebook scams on local buying and selling groups are on the rise. BBB recommends a few tips before buying a sale you find on Facebook, including:

  1. Visit posts, profiles and websites
  2. Do a reverse image search

The VERIFY team independently researched these posts using these BBB tips. Here’s what we found.

  1. Examine posts, profiles, and websites promoting the sale of DEWALT tools

This Facebook post from Bulletevent.shop promoted 24 DEWALT combo sets for $39.99.When VERIFY took a closer look at the Facebook post, the word CLEARANCE was misspelled. First red flag.

Bulletevent.shop’s Facebook page looks like an apparel brand with only 10 followers. Second red flag.

I then navigated to the website shared from the Facebook post. The result is an incomplete, incomplete website. The website home page still featured template text such as “insert caption here”. Third red flag.

Details from VERIFY: 3 ways to avoid clicking malicious links

  1. Did a reverse image search for posts claiming to show tool sales

VERIFY conducted a reverse image search for this Facebook post Promotion of sales in full pallets This post offering the Milwaukee Tools and DEWALT combo set. Both results lead to websites that are not authorized retailers of the tool.For example, some results are Russian site and others Chinese owned retail site.

Many of the same tools seen on Home Depot and Lowe websites can be seen in images shared in scam Facebook posts promoting cheap tools.

This further proves that the images seen in the Facebook post were likely taken from legitimate retailers for the purpose of defrauding consumers.

A reverse image search also revealed that the same image was used by different “sellers”. This is another example of fraud tactics.

You can report fraudulent sellers milwaukee tools and fill in DEWALT form The distributor will investigate further.Companies also want consumers to Inform your financial institution If a purchase is made from an unauthorized site, as soon as possible.

of confirmation The team strives to distinguish between fact and fiction so that truth and falsehood can be understood.Consider our daily subscription Newsletter, text alert and our YouTube channelYou can also follow us snapchat, twitter, Instagram, Facebook and tick tock. learn more “

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https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/verify/scams-verify/no-power-tool-liquidation-sale-posts-on-facebook-arent-legit/536-0198da8d-cf60-46dc-8713-24ba65b8e764 DEWALT Tool Set Sale Facebook Post is a SCAM

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