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Democratic Senate Candidates Think They Have Hotter Fundraising Than Republicans, But They’re Still Wasted On Broadcast

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Democrats in important senate elections It’s breaking records in funding, showing it has plenty of resources available in the final weeks of the election season. .

Changes in spending are showing up in campaign trajectories. It has not escaped the perception of Democrats that they are being hit by Republican advertising, and may be influencing it. polls tightened At multiple battlefield races over the last few weeks.

Advertising spending for the Senate general election is now in excess of $1 billion, with more than half going to four constituencies: Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

When it comes to the Senate election, Democrats have been able to beat or match Republicans in terms of advertising reach over the airwaves for most of the week since the general election began. This is because the advertising costs for candidate campaigns are higher. In other words, they pay less than outside groups for the same airtime. Democrats, at least so far, have held the upper hand in terms of who sees these ads, even if outside groups have outpaced spending.

Raphael Warcock (left) and Herschel Walker.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images, Megan Varner/Getty Images

In Georgia, Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock raised more than $26 million in the third quarter of this year. Pennsylvania and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman raised his $22 million, Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Burns raised more than his $20 million, and Ohio Rep. has raised $17 million.

Among Republicans, only Dr. Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania and Herschel Walker of Georgia have ever published a sum. included personal loans. Walker said it has raised $12 million.

Jon Fetterman, Memet Oz

Nate Smallwood/Getty Images, Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

From April through the end of June, Democrats dominated Republicans in nearly every hotly contested Senate election except Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Republicans outplayed Democrats more than her $178 million in last month’s Senate election, and Democrats spent her $164 million, according to AdImpact.

But most of that Republican funding β€” $133 million last month β€” came from outside groups, with candidates contributing $33 million. For Democrats, more money is spent directly by candidates.

Here’s what that means for some of the biggest races.

In Georgia, Warnock was the largest TV and cable spender, spending nearly $10 million in one of the nation’s most competitive Senate elections held in July and August. But Republicans outscored Democrats last month in the race to endorse Republican Herschel Walker.

A similar pattern is playing out in Pennsylvania. Fetterman spent the most on TV and cable in his first two months of the third quarter. Democrats generally outperform Republicans. It moved to the spending-dominated Republican Party in September.

Republican advertisements accuse Fetterman of crimes. The Senate Leadership Fund, a group of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, dropped about $11 million in last month’s race on TV and cable. This led to a dramatic increase in Republican ads airing in the state in September. Overall, however, the Democrats maintained their lead in the number of ads aired during the election campaign.

The trend of Republicans moving to spend more after Democrats gained an advantage in spending could also be seen last month in North Carolina, Nevada and Ohio. According to AdImpact, the number of Republican ads unsurprisingly increased, but in all of it, Democrats maintained their lead in the number of ads aired.

Things were a little different in Wisconsin, where incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson led Democratic opponent Burns in the second-quarter fundraiser, but Burns was in the middle of a crowded Democratic primary. Johnson has yet to release his July-to-September fundraising figures, but Republicans are flooding the airwaves and spending millions to win re-election in states President Joe Biden won. It supports the only incumbent Republican Party aiming to

According to AdImpact, Republicans outspent Democrats on television and cable advertising in Wisconsin in September, totaling $18.3 million to $13.9 million. The Democrats spent her $1 million more in August and about $3 million more in July, but the Democrats were going through the initial process in those months. In July and August, more Republican ads aired than Democrats. That wasn’t the case last month, but it was a much closer number than any other state.

Anthony Chergoski, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, said Republican foreign spending played a “major role” in the campaign. He said that while out-of-group spending can “hijack” a candidate’s message and focus, Republican advertising “reinforced” Johnson’s message to Barnes on crime and law enforcement.

“When you turn on the TV in Wisconsin, Mandela Burns is completely blown away by police and crime issues between commercials,” he said. β€œThe Republican outside group knows exactly what to do when it comes to targeting Mandela Burns weaknesses.”

When it comes to rising Republican advertising, the Senate Leadership Fund, which is partnered with McConnell, was the biggest player in last month’s Senate elections in several hotly contested districts. A spokesperson for the group said it was “furiously suing the record of Democrats.”

“Voters will find their quality of life destroyed by Democrats’ stalwart support for their agenda, and they will put liberal policies out of their control in check,” communications director Jack Pandle said in a statement. We’re desperately looking for a candidate who can do it,” he said.

One of the few major Senate elections last month in which Republicans spent less than Democrats was in Arizona, where Democrats spent nearly $9 million more than Republicans. Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Kelly contributed more than $9 million of his $19.4 million that Democrats spent on television and cable advertising.

2022 Election Arizona Senate
Arizona Democrat Senator Mark Kelly (left), Republican challenger Blake Masters (right), and libertarian Mark Victor (behind) before a televised debate in Phoenix, Thursday, October 6, 2022.

Ross D. Franklin/AP

Ad spending dynamics may have shifted toward Republican spending in the third quarter, but Democrats are also getting support from outside groups. While not spending as much as the Senate Leadership Fund, the Senate Majority PAC fell by about $27 million last month, making it the largest spending for a Senate Democratic candidate, according to AdImpact. Warnock and Kerry followed suit as the top Democrats to spend on TV.

The deadline for candidates to report their third quarter fundraising totals to the Federal Election Commission is October 15.

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