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Damar Hamlin: Texas Psychiatrist on Potential Emotional Impact

“This whole event that happened got everyone’s attention. It’s a bit of a reality,” said Gary Malone, a psychiatrist at Grapevine.

DALLAS — The NFL maintains extensive health and wellness programs on everything from concussion protocols to mental health.

A DFW psychiatrist watching Monday night’s game between Buffalo and Cincinnati. Dumar Hamlin fell, We believe this particular devastating injury could pose additional problems and physical and mental health concerns for professional athletes.

“This whole event that happened has everyone’s attention. It’s a bit of a reality,” said Gary Malone, M.D., a Grapevine psychiatrist whose patients include former professional athletes.

“Because if you play contact sports, that’s the reality of premature death and injury,” Malone continued.

Malone has counseled former players and veterans who later expressed that they never thought of dying when they were younger.

“The psychology of young men is that you’re invincible. They’re Godzilla. They’re the baddest people ever. They can’t get hurt,” Malone said. I see a lot of ex-footballers questioning and questioning the advice they received in high school, because no one leaves contact sports unscathed.”

A notable example in the NFL is New England Patriots wide receiver Daryl Stingley, who was paralyzed by a vicious hit from Oakland Raiders defensive back Jack Tatum in 1978. His death in 2007 was due to heart disease and pneumonia complicated by quadriplegia.

Washington quarterbacks Joe Tysman and Alex Smith suffered eerily similar horrific foot injuries, compound fractures, ending their NFL careers. . Tidesman’s injury in his 1985 New York game against the Giants.

And in 2001, New England quarterback Drew Bledsoe suffered a brutal blow to the chest in a game against the New York Jets. And his injury kicked off his backup career, a young quarterback named Tom Brady.

“One of the ex-players I’ve seen, he can’t think straight,” Malone said. And he says he wished he hadn’t done it.”

“If you’re in an at-risk career, what’s the cost-benefit of that career?” Malone said.

Malone was made to think of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who retired young in 2019.

“He was measuring what he lost, because he knew cost-effectiveness worked backwards. And he wasn’t a puppet here to entertain us.” “He was his own person,” Malone said.

“And people criticized him for it. But this is his one life and he can make his own choices.”

And Malone wondered if the young athlete, who was shocked and saddened on Monday night on the Cincinnati football field at the sight of an injury no one had seen before, is now thinking about the cost-effectiveness for the first time. I believe

“If only I had counseled them,” he said. “I advise him to be realistic about his chosen profession.”

A profession that reminds us once again that risk is very real.

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