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Dallas police officers open fire on capital murder suspect

The incident occurred in an apartment complex near Hampton Roads and Fort Worth Avenue.

DALLAS — An 18-year-old murder suspect has died after a shootout with Dallas officers who were processing an arrest warrant, police said on Jan. 25.

A Dallas police officer was shot during the incident, but was treated and later released from a local hospital, police said.

At a press conference, a Dallas Police Department spokesperson said the department’s Fugitive Squad was serving warrants at an apartment complex around 3 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 26. bahamas drivenear Hampton Roads and Fort Worth Avenue.

Police said officers located the vehicle in question as it pulled into an apartment complex.

A preliminary investigation revealed that officers had ordered the driver and the suspect’s passenger to exit the vehicle, police said.

Police said the driver had left the car and was taken into custody. The suspect, identified as 18-year-old Joey Fraire, remained inside and opened fire on officers.

Officers returned fire and attacked Freres several times, police said.

The exact circumstances leading up to the shooting have been reviewed and this is the protocol.

A police officer was also hit in the leg by a bullet during the shootout, police said.

The police and suspect were taken to hospital. The officer was treated and released Thursday.

Fraire was initially said to be in critical condition, but police later confirmed he died from his injuries.

Police spokesman Christine Lowman said, “This was a high-risk arrest being made by our fugitive unit… this was a suspected capital murder.

Police will only say that the capital murders were in the North Texas area, not Dallas.

A resident of the apartment complex told WFAA that dozens of gunshots were heard at the time of the incident.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia spoke to the media about the incident on Friday, January 27.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/dallas-police-officer-suspect-shooting-apartment-complex/287-ee386060-d1a4-41db-98a4-6be3571d27c7 Dallas police officers open fire on capital murder suspect

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