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Dallas County Officials Go to Court Over Access to Juvenile Records

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the redacted records were sufficient to determine whether understaffing was the cause of the detention problem.

DALLAS β€” A judge will decide which of two Dallas County departments will or will not have access to juvenile detention records. The county judge said the county judge needed to resolve the alleged staffing issue. juvenile training school.

Dallas County Commissioner Andrew Sommerman said, “It’s been very clear that the children are being segregated,” confirming and resolving the solitary confinement issue where the boy is reportedly in custody. He said it would require an investigation into juvenile detention records. Up to 22 hours.

“I don’t know the depth and breadth of this problem. The only way to know it is to get the records,” Summerman told WFAA. As a result, the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court issued a subpoena to obtain records from the Dallas County Office of Juvenile Probation.

Instead, lawyers representing the Dallas County Juvenile Service filed their own legal response last week with the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court. they said no.

“The whole document is protected. We have to start with the premise, everything,” said Brian Hale, an attorney who represents the Office of Juvenile Probation and its executive director, Darryl Beatty.

The court filing, filed May 30, is titled “Plaintiff’s Original Petition Seeking Declarative Judgment and Protection from Improper Subpoenas for Juvenile Protected Records.”

“Documents are privileged,” Hale said, citing Texas law as intended to protect the identity of the boy. β€œIt is accessible to a very limited number of people and for a very limited purpose.”

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the records he was seeking had been redacted to remove names to see if a staffing shortage was to blame.

“And please give us the information we need so we can work together to solve the juvenile division problem,” Jenkins said.

“We need to start by understanding that the entire document is privileged and that just redacting personally identifiable information is not enough,” Hale added. “And we believe it’s against state law to provide even redacted information, and we believe it’s very clear.”

“Let me be clear,” Summerman said. “If anyone has a better way to solve this problem, I’m at a loss. Unless the kids are isolated, that’s all I’m looking for. To get there we need I don’t care how you use it, for long ‘because children are not isolated.

“They may be right, they may be wrong, and there are steps in place to go through it,” Hale said. “And it was really painful to have to deal with this legally. I didn’t like it, but my customers were told to turn these in or they could go to jail.” You may be admitted.”

A Dallas District Court judge’s decision is pending.


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