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COTA chairman talks future expansion after 10 years of MotoGP in Austin

Austin (KXAN) — This weekend, the Circuit of the Americas MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prixis the 10th time this major motorcycle race is held at the track.

It is also the only event of its kind in North America.

Twenty men on motorcycles rev up to 200 miles per hour. We’ll see that at his COTA this weekend.

After ten years of MotoGP racing in Austin, COTA Chairman Bobby Epstein reflected on the past decade.

Epstein said, “It’s great to come back every year and see the audience grow.

With more than 5,000 people expected to visit the venue from outside the United States, he says expectations are very high.

“You just hear different accents and see different types of people coming together to create one fun event.”

With an average of about 1.2 million visitors annually, COTA has had a significant impact on the economy.

“We brought about $9 billion to the Texas economy just from out-of-state visitors, not just from Austin, but from outside of Texas,” Epstein explained.

Now the track is about to be transformed into a year-round event venue. Amusement park plans are also underway.

“Amusement parks will probably be bigger and better than anyone realizes,” Epstein said.

An amusement park called COTA Land is being built at turns 19 and 20 of the track. Over 20 rides and roller coasters are featured.

“Construction always takes longer than you’d like, but we have about 25 vehicles on site already ready to be assembled,” Epstein said.

As COTA continues to break attendance records and bring in new business, Epstein wants local leaders to address and address fan accessibility issues.

“It’s growing very quickly,” Epstein said. “You know, I hope people making good decisions about transportation pay attention to this part of the city that’s exploding.”

COTA also seeks to foster community in the often-forgotten area of ​​Del Valle.

This June, COTA will host Del Valle Day. This is the day when nearby neighbors visit the track for rides, art vendors and food.

MotoGP races at COTA from Friday to Sunday.

Gates open at 8:30 AM daily. Tickets are still on sale.

https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/cotas-chairman-talks-about-future-expansion-after-10-years-of-motogp-in-austin/ COTA chairman talks future expansion after 10 years of MotoGP in Austin

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