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Congressman Mike Gallagher to Lead New Task Force on China – One America News Network

Toy soldiers for sale on the streets of Shanghai, May 3, 2012. One carries the Chinese flag and the other the US flag.

OAN Newsroom
Updated 6:09 PM PT – Thursday, December 8, 2022

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has nominated Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher to head a new commission on the Chinese threat.

McCarthy (Republican, Calif.) announced on Thursday that he will form a China Selection Commission to expose the Chinese Communist Party’s cyber, economic and military threats to the United States.

“Rep. Gallagher (Republican of Wisconsin) is a very capable person and the right person to serve as president,” McCarthy said on Twitter. He also considers the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to be the greatest geopolitical threat of our lifetime.

The Wisconsin Representative was first elected to the House in 2016. He served as a Marine Corps intelligence officer for seven of his years, and before entering Congress he worked as the head of his staff on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Gallagher wanted a multi-pronged, interagency approach to thwarting China’s rise.

Maseh Zarif, Head of Parliamentary Relations at FDD Action, further commented on the issue.

“Rep. Gallagher also deeply understands that China is more than just a policy issue that Washington officials must grapple with.” His insight and enthusiasm for a bipartisan approach to this issue is good for the country.”

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