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Collin County’s population is approaching that of Dallas

“Texas added more people than any other state. It added about 4 million people,” said Dr. Lloyd Potter, a Texas demographer.

Collin County, Texas — read This article and other North Texas business news From a partner of the Dallas Business Journal

The state is adding more than 1,290 new Texans per day since the pandemic, according to Tuesday’s livestream. 2023 Texas Demographic Conference.

“Texas added more people than any other state. About 4 million people added,” says Dr. Lloyd Pottersaid a Texas demographer.

on the other hand, The state continues to experience net domestic immigration from other parts of the United States and rural TexasThe Texas Triangle, made up of the state’s core urban areas of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, has grown rapidly to account for approximately 87% of the state’s population.

“This highlights the dichotomy between population density and dynamics west of Interstate 35, with many counties experiencing simultaneous population declines,” Dr. Potter said. “These counties and population triangles make us the most important state in the country.”

Here are five key takeaways from the conference:


Dr. Potter linked the massive population growth with growing concerns and impacts related to infrastructure. The rapid pace of growth requires more roads, highways, transportation, schools and retail stores.

“If you have people, you need something to move them around, like roads. I would say yes,” said Dr. Potter.


While population density affects urban centers, it also has ripple effects in rural areas, especially since much of West Texas’s agriculture depends on groundwater.

“Those groundwater sources will dry up. Basically, we have real risks when it comes to growing cotton and cattle, which is called food and fiber,” said Dr. Potter. “If you look at West Texas, it depends a lot on that. [in a] It’s a really negative way. ”


Ethnic minorities account for approximately 95.3% of population growth over the last decade.according to 2021 American Community Survey In Texas, 40.2% of the Latino population outnumbers 39.4% of the non-Hispanic white population, according to the study. Blacks or African Americans make up her 11.6% of the state’s population. The Asian population is also growing rapidly, and he now makes up 5.1% of the state’s population.

immigration from other states

Most net immigrants come from Californians who move to Texas for the cost of living and quality of life, while the skilled labor force comes from California, Illinois, New York, and elsewhere.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/collin-countys-population-approaching-dallas-other-key-takeaways-from-2023-texas-demographic-conference/287-9a7991f7-4d8c-4f11-ba1c-b1e63b803da0 Collin County’s population is approaching that of Dallas

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