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CBS Mornings Deals: 40% Off This Weighted Massage Pad

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Special Discount From CBS Morning Deal


On this week’s CBS Morning, lifestyle expert Gail Bass shared a slew of new deals, including massage pads to help ease pain. please visit CBDeals.com Or text “CBS” and 65000 to get started today.

CBS is CBDeals.com.

Calming Heat Deluxe XXL by Sharper Image

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sharp image

With this heated weighted massage pad, you can melt away the stress of the new year.

The price is $90, CBDeals.com for $54

count smart scale



This high-tech scale offers 12 measurements including muscle mass, subcutaneous and visceral fat, skeletal muscle percentage and more. Use the app to get reports and track your measurements.

The price is $80, CBDeals.com for $50

Opopop Flavor Wrap Kernel Discovery Collection



Discover the flavors of the brand Opopop Discovery CollectionThe collection includes microwave popcorn poppers and one pouch of each flavor. Flavors include Vanilla Cake Pop, Cinnacious, Maui Heat, Chedapeno, Fancy Butter, Umami Salty, and Test Launch (lightly salty).

The price is $45, CBDeals.com for $34

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https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-mornings-deals-sharper-image-heated-massaging-pad/ CBS Mornings Deals: 40% Off This Weighted Massage Pad

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