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CBP Secretly Releases Trove of UFO Docs, Videos

U.S. Customs and Border Protection early last month released a trove of documents and never-before-seen videos of UFOs in fulfillment of a Freedom of Information Act request, though the material went unnoticed until UFO enthusiasts and online sleuths discovered it this week, reports the Daily Mail.

The videos include UFOs moving in strange ways in U.S. airspace and, in one instance, pursuing a fighter jet. One video includes a heavily scrutinized, 2013 thermal UFO recording of a flying object in Puerto Rico leaked to UFO researchers in 2015.

The recording shows an object traveling fast going in and out of water seemingly without losing any speed and then splitting into two toward the end of the video.

The report comes a week after NASA said it was naming a new director of research into what the government calls “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” or UAPs, as an expert panel urged the U.S. space agency increase its efforts to gather information on what are commonly called UFOs.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson made the announcement after the panel issued a report calling on the agency to increase its efforts to gather information on UAPs and play a larger role in helping the Pentagon detect them.

An independent NASA panel studying UAPs held its first public meeting in June, comprising experts in scientific fields ranging from physics to astrobiology. Challenges panel members cited to their work included a stigma attached to the subject as well as a dearth of scientifically reliable methods for documenting UFOs.

Two senior U.S. defense intelligence officials told a 2022 congressional hearing that the Pentagon was committed to determining the origins of UAPs. Both officials pledged that the Pentagon would follow the evidence wherever it leads and made clear that the primary interest is addressing possible national security threats.

Solange Reyner

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