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Casino Terminology You Need To Know

The online casino business is a fast expanding sector that has successfully attracted many gaming aficionados. A wide range of interesting games, including Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and many more, attract many players. Thus, throughout the last several decades, the online casino sector has clearly shown an expanding graph of growth and increased income worldwide. By choosing feature-rich online casino software, entrepreneurs are paving their road to investing in this profitable business.

Though 2020 was a disastrous year for casinos, the industry has adapted, grown and flourished. Auli Wälkky, having witnessed these changes firsthand, is best poised to tell you everything you need to know! You can follow them here for more updates.

Online Casino Scope

Online casinos provide greater winning chances and larger payback percentages than traditional casinos, making them the favoured option of gamers today.

The online gambling market is geographically segmented as follows:

  1. Europe, 
  2. The Asia Pacific, 
  3. The Middle East, 
  4. Africa
  5. North and South America

Europe controls most of the market, and guess where a good chunk of the crowd hails from? Finland!

Finland and Online Casinos

Gambling is allowed in Finland. However, the country’s gambling legislation is regarded as highly complicated. The state has a monopoly in a framework that is commonly referred to as “3+1.” Fintoto Oy, RAY, and Oy Veikkaus AB used to dominate most of the gambling and gaming market, formerly divided among three mostly state-owned and regulated businesses. Veikkaus, the parent firm, now oversees all of these projects.

All sorts of gambling and gambling terminology appeal to Finnish inhabitants, especially online ones like hyvä nettikasino, which made betting one of the country’s most popular pastimes!

Terminology You Should Know


This is an interesting gambling word used to describe being ejected from a casino for cheating. There are several origin legends for this phrase, one of which includes: Electrical safety: An 86 device “locks out” a piece of electrical equipment, which means it shuts it off until a qualified person can rectify the issue and reset the 86 device. 


A slang phrase for someone who lays a bet on behalf of another to disguise the identity of the true bettor. Typically a detrimental connotation.


Capping, also known as late betting, is a form of cheating in which players add or remove chips from their wager after the outcome has been determined.

Down to the Felt

Felt tablecloths are used to cover the casino tables. As a player starts losing, their chip stack shrinks until there are none left. In other words, they continue to lose till they are down to the felt.

En Plein

The word is most commonly used in roulette and refers to putting a single wager on a single number.


The term describes an entitled loudmouth that upsets other players and casino workers by expecting freebies such as RFB and bonus points while only putting tiny wagers.


Grease is jargon that is used both outside and inside casinos—slang for a bribe.

Honeymoon Period

When it comes to its application in casinos, more experienced players of a given casino game would often use the word to allude to a new player’s winning streak.


In blackjack, insurance is a form of a side bet. If the players believe the dealer has a blackjack, they can wage a side bet in addition to their initial stake, which is half of the original wager.


Juice is slang for the price that a bookmaker or casino charges for playing at their business, and betters and brick-and-mortar casino players use it.


A phrase used in poker to describe a high card in a player’s hand that isn’t part of the winning combination. In draw poker games, the card is used to choose the winner.

Lay the Odds

On exchanges, lay betting is an alternative where betters take on the job of a bookmaker, but instead of offering odds to back a bet, they provide odds to sell a bet.


Most Valuable Guest: a person who is a casino’s most devoted client, and in other situations, it can refer to the VIP club crème de la crème.

Non-Negotiable Chips

Non-negotiable chips are similar to conventional casino chips but for one key difference. They are frequently used for promotions and, unlike conventional chips, cannot be swapped for actual money.


In general, the phrase “overlay” refers to better odds for the player rather than for the house. In poker, however, the word overlay may refer to the extra money added to the prize pool by the poker room operator and a reward pool that is greater than the amount of all buy-ins.


In casino terminology, face cards, such as jacks, queens, and kings, are called paint by poker players. 


The term refers to money that has an unusual feel about it. To put it another way, forged currency.


RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The phrase refers to a software algorithm that creates unexpected results and is frequently employed in video games or casino games.


Players or casino employees use a small mirror or gadget to reflect the light and reveal unexposed cards, such as the dealer’s hole card.


A phrase used in both sportsbooks and casinos to refer to a bet of any magnitude or the act of betting.

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