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Can Texas become the best “movie friendly” state? Several bills in this session are aimed at increasing production in Texas.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — During this legislative session, lawmakers introduced over a dozen bills aimed at making the state more film-friendly. The Texas Media and Production Alliance (TXMPA) said it was the most common type of invoice in decades.

The bill encourages filmmaking in several ways. Some focus on infrastructure investments, such as incentivizing building structures such as sound stages and production studios.Other invoices, etc. HB 4419 was filed by Texas Rep. Craig Goldman, R-Fort Worth., which aims to put Texas at the forefront of virtual production, a state-of-the-art filmmaking technology, has been used on shows such as The Mandalorian. According to TXMPA Communications his director Mind Raymond, some of the bills would also make it more financially sustainable for filmmakers to stay in the state longer.

“Since the launch of the incentives program, we have had historic sessions like you have never seen before. [in 2006]’ said Raymond. “With her 19 bills introduced in this session, I think we are really looking at the impact our industry will have on Texas,” she continued. “Legislators are really backing it now, and they see it as big business and something to come to Texas,” she said.

Raymond said there were several reasons for the increased interest in the industry during this legislative session. is. But the success of critically acclaimed TV shows like “The Chosen One” and Taylor Sheridan’s “1883” have made the value of Texas-based filmmaking clear.

“When you shoot a show like ‘1883’ here [with] How many people they actually employ, it’s massive – it’s big business. [With] They spent $67 million in Texas for shows like The Chosen One,” she said. “These shows will then go global, so we’re putting Texas on the global stage. [audience]”

“People may not have seen it as something that could help our industry or really bring diversification to the economy. increase [film production]’ she continued.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also appreciates the economic benefits of making films in the state.

“Governor Abbott remains committed to helping Texas remain competitive with other states and countries in supporting media production. The community of Texas sees as much production activity as a big city.Since 2007, the media production industry in Texas has generated over $1.95 billion in revenue and created over 183,000 production jobs. Texas has also led the way as a premier media destination with more than 170 accredited film-friendly communities across the state ready to welcome media productions. We look forward to working with Congress to keep Texas’s film industry among the most competitive in the world,” Abbott spokesman Andrew Mahaleris said in a statement.

And some bills are successful in this session.goldman senator HB4539This makes it easier for filmmakers to receive grants under the motion picture industry incentive programs. HB4419passed Texas House on Monday in connection with the aforementioned virtual production. HB3600A bill that would give tax credits to film and television producers producing in the state is set to be voted on by the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Raymond said the bills introduced at the session could make Texas a state where filmmakers want to make their work, she said, optimistic.

“Nowadays, our Texas story is being told in Oklahoma, or it’s being told in New Mexico, and we see it over and over again,” she said. Now is the time for these stories to be told in Texas, and I hope this session will do just that.”

https://www.kxan.com/news/texas-politics/can-texas-become-a-top-film-friendly-state/ Can Texas become the best “movie friendly” state? Several bills in this session are aimed at increasing production in Texas.

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