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Can I shave my dog ​​in the summer?

AUSTIN (KXAN) – We all know it’s already been a hot summer in Texas, but unfortunately, There is no sign that it will cool down soon.

Taking a brisk walk with your furry friend in the late afternoon or early evening, you might consider a hairdresser’s appointment to get rid of the weight that’s resting on your head in a desperate attempt to bring your temperature down. .

Shaving your head in the summer may be an attractive solution for humans, Some research results It doesn’t really help. Veterinarians advise owners not to do the same with their dogs.

According to the ASPCA, puppies’ fur coats can actually help reduce heat. During the winter their coats insulate them and in the summer they help prevent overheating.

This is especially true for double-coated dogs. These dogs have a long, outer layer of fur and a shorter, softer layer that help keep them insulated during the winter. Common double-coated dogs include golden retrievers, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and Siberian huskies, according to . American Kennel Club.

When the weather gets hot these puppies start shedding some of the inner layer of fur. This will help you feel the wind better and cool off. Additionally, the outer layer of hair helps protect it from excessive sun exposure and burns, according to the AKC. For these dogs, this outer layer of fur does not shed much in the warmer months.

The AKC said shaving double-coated dogs can cause long-term damage and should be avoided at all costs.

Single-coated dogs can benefit from grooming during the summer months, but the AKC still advises pet owners not to shave. Grooming these types can help keep you cool and also prevent matting.

Although shaving is not recommended, regular brushing of the dog’s coat is recommended during the summer months. According to the AKC, puppy brushing helps prevent mats that trap moisture and can irritate your dog’s skin.

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