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The last decade has seen a sharp spike in eSports betting, propelling them to favorites in sports betting sites. Of these popular games is Call of Duty, a game that encompasses skill and strategy and has a thrill each step of the way. Not knowing what to expect around the corner and keeping your wits around you is not easy when simulating a shooter experience. But some players have mastered the art of this gameplay and know just how to keep you glued to the screen as they make their way around the game. It makes you want to wager something on the game, hoping to get some cash out of it if your favorite player comes out on top. But before you do, let’s cover some of the strategies you should employ when betting on Call of Duty:

Understanding the Game

When playing games like craps, you barely need to know the rules. You roll the dice and cross your fingers- just like everybody else. But such a strategy in Call of Duty would only work against you. So, let’s give you a head start. CoD betting starts with understanding the fundamentals of the game. It follows a first-person shooter setting where soldiers work together to make it through different gameplay modes. One team sets out to defend bomb sites while the other works to destroy them- what a thrill.

To wager on the gameplay, you can choose:

  • Outright Winners: You can skip to the end of the league or tournament and pick your favorite.
  • Match Winner: This bet caters to the team that will win a specific match.
  • Prop Bet: This wager allows you to stake on specific events, e.g., the player that will have the most kills.
  • Map Bet: You can also zero in on a specific map in the game and choose the team that will carry that title.
  • Live Bets: Like in major sports, you also get a chance to wager on live games as they take place. If you spot something that could change the game’s outcome, you can act on it in real-time.

While all other strategies are important, we emphasize understanding the gameplay. Start by watching several matches with no skin in the game and see how that goes. Only then can you understand what’s happening and which bets you are most likely to hack.

Studying The Teams

A team is only as strong as its weakest player. You need to analyze each team in the tournament. Know which players are good at what and assess their weaknesses as they move through the maps. Compare both teams and dive into their past performances. Look into how they are performing recently and consider any factors that could strengthen or weaken them. It’s not that different with assessing football players- dig in, and you might be surprised at what you find. Only back teams you are confident about once you have done the research.

Calculating the Odds

The next step is finding a good bookie who will accept your bet and give you the best possible odds. After all, you’ve understood the game, settled on a good team, and you now want to maximize your bet. So, how do you do this? Find your top ten sites, considering their reputation based on customer support, payment options, security, accessibility, etc. Round up their odds on Call of Duty games in the past few weeks and check for patterns. Choose the sites that offer the best odds and narrow down on your favorite. A list of the best eSports betting sites you can find out on eSportsBettingWebsites.com. Keep in mind that odds serve two roles. One, they show you just how likely an event is to occur. Two, they indicate how much money you can make from a bet if your prediction is correct.

Protecting Your Money

We know that betting can be entertaining, and at some point, it can be addictive. An easy way to curb the desire to spend more than you should is by setting a limit from the get-go. Decide on a budget and stick with it. If you lose all your money, walk away and do not attempt to chase losses. Cut your losses and try again on another day when you’ve reworked a new strategy.

While at it, avoid listening to what fans have to say about CoD betting. Their hearts are in the right place, but that’s just the thing- they are highly subjective about the outcomes. If you listen to them, your bets will lie on the emotional rather than the logical side, which will only set you up for a considerable loss.


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