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Boiling Water Notice Issued for Houston, Texas

The City of Houston issued a boil notice for a major water system due to low water pressure at one of its water treatment plants.

Houston Public Works Issued Notice on sunday. City officials said they expected it to be lifted on Tuesday. The city said it will notify customers when the water is safe to consume without boiling.

The city tweeted that the Texas Environmental Quality Commission has approved a plan to test samples of Houston Public Works water. Testing begins Monday morning.

The boiling water notice applies not only to West University residents on Low Street, but also to the entire city.

According to the city, the water pressure at the Higashi Purification Plant is (2342 Federal Road) fell below the minimum state-required amount at 10:30 am on Sunday. The city didn’t send the boiling water notification until after 7:00 PM, which was over 8 hours later.

The city’s water department believes the boiling water notice is a precautionary measure and that drinking or using water on the Sunday before the notice was issued does not put you at risk.

Who is Affected by Boiling Water Notifications?

Click here to see if your home is included (Sometimes the map was missing. Below is a map of the areas affected by the boiling water notification.)

What should I do if I am included in a boiling water notification?

As a result of the Boiling Water Notice, the public is advised to:

  • do not drink water without boiling
  • Boil all the water for at least 2 minutes
  • Allow to cool before use

We have a complete list of what that means for brushing teeth, pets, and more. Check out the full list of what you need to do with boiling water notifications.

Those who cannot boil water are encouraged to drink bottled water. Children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to harmful bacteria that may be present in water.

Houston Water Commissioner Yvonne Williams Forrest told KHOU 11 news About notifications.

Statement by Mayor Sylvester Turner

“We believe the water is safe, but based on regulatory requirements, we are obligated to issue a boiling water notice when the pressure drops below 20 psi. The city will submit that plan to TCEQ tonight for approval. Then the water samples will follow and hopefully all will be clear from TCEQ, the city will have to wait 24 hours from that point before boiling water notifications are suspended. The earliest is tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.”

How’s school?

HISD has canceled Monday’s classes due to boiling water notices. But more and more schools and districts are closing. here is the complete list.

Governor Abbott Responds to Boiling Water Notice

Upon hearing about the boiling water notice, Gov. Greg Abbott directed the Texas Emergency Management Department and the Texas Environmental Quality Commission to assist.

“Texas is responding quickly and deploying assistance to Houston as it works to bring its safe water supply back online,” Abbott said. “We have been in contact with Mayor Turner to provide full state support and are currently working to respond to the city’s request for prompt submission of water sample results. We would like to thank TDEM and TCEQ for their prompt response in assisting in resolving this issue. We urge you to take appropriate precautions when using boiling water.

TCEQ statement

“We are working closely with the City of Houston to confirm the results of the City’s water samples and stand ready to provide any necessary technical assistance.”

More information

If you have any questions, call 311 or email waterquality@houstontx.gov.

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