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Biden to receive latest COVID-19 vaccine

Biden used the opportunity at the White House on Tuesday to encourage everyone to stay healthy during the holidays.

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden rolled up his sleeves and got the latest COVID-19 booster shot On Tuesday, he urged millions of people who have not yet been boosted to do so by Halloween if possible, so they can safely gather with family and friends this holiday season.

“Get vaccinated,” he said, pointing out that it was free. “Not enough people are getting it.”

Biden also called on Congress to provide billions of dollars requested by the government to buy additional vaccines, tests and treatments. I am hesitant to ask for the offer.

Flanked by his COVID-19 response team, Biden declared that the fight against the spread of the virus is global in nature and that “the funding we seek is essential” to that effort.

According to the White House, more than 20 million people, including nearly one in five seniors, have gotten the latest COVID-19 booster. The vaccine has been reformulated to target his BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of Omicron, the most prevalent strain in the United States.

Biden said more people will need to be vaccinated as winter approaches, spending more time indoors, which could spread disease. I added that it is available for free within 5 miles of.

He urged people to get coronavirus boosters at the same time. annual flu vaccinationHe said the COVID-19 booster will become an annual event.

“One COVID shot each year is enough for most Americans,” Biden said at the White House. puts them at unnecessary risk.”

“I am calling on all Americans … for all Americans to get an injection as soon as possible,” he said.

A member of the White House medical corps shot Biden in the left arm. He contracted his COVID-19 over the summer and had to delay getting a booster per federal health guidance.

Mr. Biden again called on businesses, schools and civic leaders to help, including by holding on-site vaccination clinics and giving employees time off to rejuvenate. Currently, most deaths from COVID-19 are preventable.

There are currently three respiratory viruses circulating in the United States. Influenza, COVID-19, RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.

During a morning TV appearance, Jha said the combination of flu shots and the latest COVID boosters will help people avoid serious illnesses and prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and other holidays with friends and family. said it helps to avoid going to the hospital in the morning.

RSV is affecting children and companies are working to develop it, but there are no shots to cure it, he said.

“So if people go out and get vaccinated, they can really get through this without getting into a lot of trouble,” Jar said Tuesday on “CBS Morning.”

“If you’re relying on a vaccine that’s nine months old or an infection that’s a year old, it’s probably not good enough, and that’s one of the reasons I highly recommend it to all Americans. — New Latest COVID Because I think getting a vaccine really makes a big difference,” Jha said on NBC’s “Today.”

Biden had to wait months to get an updated COVID booster after contracting COVID-19 over the summer and then re-infecting him.

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