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Best neighbourhoods to live in NYC!!!

Luckily, New York City has a lot of beautiful neighbourhoods with picturesque beauty. The city of the big apple is filled with electric neighbourhoods that come with their personality. There are a lot of things that make the place beautiful such as its unique architecture, lush mansions, cosy streets, beautiful parks, and much more. If you are considering relocating to NYC then before you pick the best moving companies NYC at Moving Apt, you should check out these different neighbourhoods to live there. Have a look at these:

 Lower east side 

LES has a great history. The vibrant neighbourhood has a piece of great live music, trendy bars, great nightlife, and much more. The community has low and mid-rise walk-ups with tons of historic buildings. Also, the neighbourhood is adjacent to Chinatown and Soho making it a great location. You can also enjoy the cool mix of bars and restaurants.

 West Village, Manhattan

Manhattan has all the luxurious amenities and options for a transition that one always dreams of. It also has the tallest buildings. There are tree-lined cobblestone streets, bars, unique architecture, and a lot of other things present that make it perfect to relocate. Though the housing space is limited therefore to get an apartment on rental means you have to pay huge money.

 East Village 

The place is walkable therefore you can easily walk from one place to another to access all the necessary things. Many legendary writers named Norman Mailer and W.H. Auden called it their hometown. You can find out and enjoy plenty of nightlife in local bars, restaurants, and so on but you don’t have to worry when strolling around.

Brooklyn heights 

The historic feel makes it unique from the others. This is considered the first suburb. There is more than 600 war houses present there where families like to start their life journeys.


This is the trendiest and preferable neighbourhood. SoHo has a lot of upscale boutiques, restaurants, and much more. The upscale restaurants also attract celebrities to this neighbourhood. The amenities present here come with a huge cost so one should have enough amount to spend to complete the dreams of living here. Also, there is no bargaining when it comes to getting an apartment to live in.


Noho is a super trendy neighbourhood where people will enjoy living with numerous numbers of shopping options and restaurants. It is the central location between midtown and downtown making people it enjoys the most. Though the cost of housing is not cheap so whether you are considering buying or renting an apartment, you should be ready with your budget. Research about the prices first before you make up your mind to live here.

 Washington heights 

The neighbourhood stocks many sprawling pre-war flats with lots of art details. Latin restaurants are present here making it perfect for foodies. It also offers a marvelous view of the Hudson River. When you will live with your family here, you can enjoy the outdoor treasure as well as fort Tryon Park is present here.

  1. Murray Hill, Manhattan 

This is a lively neighbourhood with many food options for shopping destinations. The place draws the attention of recent graduates and young people. Rental prices here are reasonable and also one can enjoy the causal bar scene. Also, it is close to midtown so you can easily explore it because it lies at a walkable distance. You can get great deals and discounts on buying apartments.

  1. Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Williamsburg is a perfect neighbourhood to live in. The community has a great nightlife with lots of bar options and youngsters can enjoy their free time here. The affordability of the place makes it perfect for all to live. The start-up headquarters are also easy to commute from here making it perfect for youngsters working there.

Wrapping it all up!!!

NYC is one of the best places to live in. Most people dream of living here. The place is not just beautiful but also fulfilled with all kinds of amenities making it perfect to live like a celebrity. Most celebrities and icons have their homes here. The above neighbourhoods are perfect choices so select the one as per your preferences and finances to start over your life here.


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