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Austin police oversight director resigns after nine months on maternity leave

Nine months after Farrah Muscadine went on maternity leave and one business day before she was scheduled to return to her duties as director of the Austin Police Oversight Office (OPO), she abruptly resigned.

News of Muscadine’s resignation reached the public last Friday.

Austin city manager Spencer Kronk has notified the mayor and city council of the development. memo September 23rd.

“As you may remember, Farah gave birth to a healthy baby boy in January 2022. While on vacation, Farah focused on growing her family while caring for her aging parents who live out of state. decided,” Kronk said.

“Under Farah’s leadership, the city’s police oversight department has stepped up its commitment to transparency, accountability and community-focused oversight.”

He added that Sylvia Hardman “will continue to serve as acting director while we begin a nationwide search for a new director.”

Immediately after the start of the leave of absence period by the third-party arbitrator opposed She and the OPO determined that the office had violated the authority set out in the city police’s labor contract.

“Contrary to the city’s allegations, Secretary Muscadine was not acting within her authority…[she] It clearly sought to dictate future results rather than merely making recommendations,” the arbitrator ruled last December.

Muscadine’s tenure at OPO was marked by brawling with the Austin Police Department, the Police Union, and even her former employees. She has also been at the spear of the city’s efforts to “rethink” police methods, and as one of the city officials, Reimagining the Public Safety Task Force.

Next year, Austin voters will suggestion Strengthen OPO’s oversight authority. This is the result of “rethink police” activists frustrated by the restrictions currently being placed on the agency. The Austin City Council has decided to put the proposal to a ballot in May 2023 rather than pass it straight through. Rubbed One of the activists lashed out at Mayor Steve Adler on social media.

Even if passed, the consistency of the provision with state law open question It will definitely be met with legal action.

The city of Austin did not provide a copy of Muscadine’s resignation letter at the time of issuance, nor did it disclose the amount of money Muscadine received while on maternity leave. Muscadine’s salary when she served as her OPO director was $157,393 per city for her.

https://thetexan.news/director-of-austins-office-of-police-oversight-resigns-after-9-months-of-maternity-leave/ Austin police oversight director resigns after nine months on maternity leave

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