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Atatiana Jefferson: Jury Hears Closing Arguments in Dean Trial

Over the course of five days, jurors heard from several witnesses and experts, including Jefferson’s now 11-year-old nephew Zion Carr.

Tarrant County, Texas — A juror in Tarrant County hears closing arguments in a murder trial. Former Fort Worth Officer Aaron Dean in the 2019 shooting Atatiana Jefferson.

Before 9:40 am on Wednesday, the judge began reading the jury’s instructions, informing them that each would receive a handwritten copy.

Dean shot and killed Jefferson in the early morning hours of October 12, 2019, after he and his partner answered a non-urgent phone call to Jefferson’s home.

Much of what happened captured by body camera.

Over five days, jurors heard from several witnesses and experts. 11-year-old nephew Zion CarrShe was with Jefferson the night she was killed, Dean’s ex-partner Carol Durchand the person who initiated the call, former 911 caller Abriel Talbert.

In a surprising move, Dean stood up for the fourth day of his murder trial.

Standing at the back of the house, Dean saw a low silhouette in the windows of Jefferson’s house.

“Well, I thought there was a robber, so I straightened up and stepped back and drew my weapon,” Dean testified. pulled out

Dean was visibly shaken when he began to testify about what happened next.

“I started giving that second command. I saw the barrel of the gun. When I saw that gun pointed at me… I shot one shot from my service weapon.” he told the jury.

Prosecutor Dale Smith confirmed Dean’s alleged mistake in answering a phone call at the Jefferson home, among other things, that he could not see a “silhouette” hand in the window and that his partner had a gun. I drove home the fact that I didn’t, or start Jefferson’s CPR right away.

During the trial, the defense tried to focus on Jefferson’s gun, trying to convince the jury that Dean may have seen it and that he was justified in killing her.

Prosecutors argued that Jefferson shouldn’t have been there, and Jefferson had a normal reaction.

Following a confrontation of expert testimony from both sides on Tuesday, the defense and prosecution chose to drop their case.

WFAA will stream the trial on multiple platforms. WFAA+, Youtube When wfaa.com(WFAA+ is available on Roku and Amazon Fire.)

You can also see it in the embed below.

Live updates below:

10:12 am: The defense will begin closing arguments. “A tragedy is not necessarily a crime. It is not necessarily a violation of the law,” says attorney Bob Gill.

“Aaron Dean has the right to self-defense.”

“she [Atatiana] Pointed a firearm at a Fort Worth police officer…right stop there,” said Gill. “It’s a crime and an illegal act.”

9:57 AM: The prosecution begins its closing arguments.

“If you can’t feel safe in your own home, where can you feel safe?

“This is a 28-year-old woman, daughter, sister, aunt, studying to be a doctor.”

“The power you have today is to hold him accountable and tell them. [Atatiana’s family] that it wasn’t all in vain [Atatiana] It is important. Those are important, eastern issues. I say protect everyone. ”

9:37 am: Judge Gallagher began reading out the jury’s instructions, informing them that each would receive a handwritten copy.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/special-reports/atatiana-jefferson/fort-worth-aaron-dean-murder-trial-shooting-death-atatiana-jefferson/287-db91b3d2-53db-4c0a-996d-d6f195e0b0c7 Atatiana Jefferson: Jury Hears Closing Arguments in Dean Trial

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