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Arlington man attacked by dog ​​speaks to WFAA

The man was attacked by a neighborhood dog while checking the weather before going to work. In his ER he spent 7.5 hours and had 79 stitches.

ARLINGTON, Texas — An Arlington man is recovering after spending more than seven hours in the emergency room after being attacked by a neighbor’s dog.

of city ​​of arlington A man identified as Terrance Marshall said he was attacked by a dog at an apartment complex at 708 Ridgeglen Drive. He said he was taken to a local hospital.

The WFAA spoke to Marshall, who said he was checking the weather before heading to work when the dog attacked him.

“I went outside and the dogs were barking…usually they just bark and do their job,” Marshall said. I ran to grab the dog, apparently they took it as a threat and then they all rushed to me.”

Marshall told WFAA that one dog was biting him on the arm when they attacked him and he punched that dog in the jaw. dog bit one of his work boots. Then another dog bit him on the back of the head, leaving a large cut, Marshall said.

“I was like, ‘Not today, no, I’m not going to die today. I’m not going today.’ So I just fought, just fought, just fought,” Marshall told WFAA. .

Marshall said he had never experienced anything like this before.

“You hear it a lot on TV, but I never thought it would happen,” Marshall said.

Marshall said dog owners had tried to separate some of the dogs, but had no effect on their own. Two more people came to their aid and began pulling the dogs away, but Marshall said the damage had already been done.

Arlington Animal Services instructed dog owners until noon Monday to submit their dogs for quarantine or hand them over to the city for rabies testing, city officials said. He said he didn’t hand over the dog.

In an update Tuesday, Animal Services said “Investigators are actively searching for dogs and people associated with this incident.” I’m here. No subpoena has been issued at this time, but an investigation is ongoing, the city said.

“Our immediate primary goal is to detain these dogs for rabies observation and keep our citizens and communities safe until further decisions are made,” the city continued in a statement on Tuesday. .

“Never underestimate anyone, any animal, at any time,” said the Marshal. They will be barking outside. I drove past them and all would be fine. I think I underestimated them. ”

The marshal told WFAA he spent 7.5 hours in the ER and had 79 stitches. His 79th stitch was this little finger on his left hand.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/arlington-man-attacked-dogs/287-47b7b274-f93f-4fbe-92b2-777e13b02393 Arlington man attacked by dog ​​speaks to WFAA

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