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Anti-Semitic Speaker Addresses New York University Law Graduates

Addressing this year’s graduates of the City University of New York Law School, the Yemeni student speaker called on his classmates to lead the fight “against capitalism, racism, imperialism and Zionism around the world.”

“Israel continues to indiscriminately rain bullets and bombs on worshipers, kill old and young people, attack funerals and even cemeteries, and lynch mobs to target Palestinian homes and businesses. With encouragement, imprisonment of children, settler colonialism driving Palestinians from their homes and dragging the ongoing Nakba, our silence is no longer acceptable,” Fatima Mohammed said. told a classmate. At the ceremony on May 12th.

Mohammed, who was selected to speak to the 2023 class of graduates, opened his speech by stating that the New York State Law School was “established to recognize that the law is a manifestation of white supremacy and that it oppresses and continues to oppress people.” It is one of the few legal institutions that has in this country and around the world. “

“We joined this institution to develop the legal skills needed to protect our communities and defend our organizers … to raise the surface of legal neutrality and confront oppression systems that inflict violence on our communities. I’m working on it,” she said. I told my fellow graduates.

“A system of oppression designed to feed an empire with a voracious lust for destruction and violence.

Mohammed said the City University of New York School of Law supported the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and “an official statement defending the right of students to organize and speak out against the colonialism of Israeli settlers.” praised for announcing the

“We are voicing that Palestine can no longer be the exception to our pursuit of justice, that our morality will not be bought by investors, as investor-focused managers attempt to cross the BDS picket line. It is the student body and faculty who have fought back by saying,” she said.

Mohammed, who was interrupted several times by applause, said her classes are contracted for incarcerated clients, for “families torn apart” by the Child Welfare Service, and for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service. He said he fought against the use of the legal research firm Lexus.

“We did all this despite racism, despite selective activism, despite the selfish interests of the Central District of New York City. [Office]This organization continues to let us down and continues to train and work with the fascist NYPD and military,” she said. [Israel Defense Forces] Soldiers will carry out the same violence all over the world. It is a large educational institution committed to donors, not students. “

Muhammad, who also cited Malcolm X and condemned Jordan Neely’s “murder” on a New York City subway, delivered a speech saying, “May the rage that fills this auditorium dance in the hallways of elementary schools…” closed. It’s a fight against capitalism, racism, imperialism and Zionism all over the world. “

Anti-Israel activist Nerdine Kiswani spoke at last year’s New York State Law School commencement ceremony.

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