An Interesting History of Casinos in New Zealand

Are you looking for interesting facts about online casinos and gambling in New Zealand? This article discusses all you need to know and more. Read now!

New Zealand is a beautiful island country in the Oceanian sub-region. The North and Southern Island of New Zealand lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with hundreds of smaller islands surrounding them. Other than being one of the most aesthetically pleasing places globally, New Zealand is also a gambling country.

Gambling in New Zealand used to be illegal, but it was widely practised in the climax of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The chronicle of how gambling in New Zealand went from being illegal to being supported by the government is enthralling. Citizens are hopping from one site to another, looking for the best paying online pokies and gambling online has made it easier for people to indulge their age-long passion. This metamorphosis was largely galvanized by European settlers who influenced New Zealand indigenes.

Other than being influenced by immigrants from Europe, the growth of the betting industry in the country was also galvanized by the British Commission. The history of gambling in New Zealand can be sectioned into three; The Past, The Revolution, and The Present.

The Past

In the 19th century, Europeans migrated into New Zealand, and they brought their habits along with them. They used real money to play cards and gamble on horses.

The earliest history of betting occurred at Bay Islands during a horse race. Before then, horse races were organized by soldiers in Auckland’s military garrison. The soldiers used their horses for the race and also officiated the event. In January of 1841, citizens of Auckland and Manukau organized the first horse racing competition. Later that January, an event took place in Wellington, and there was a horse race on the third day of the event. Henry Petre won the race using his horse Calmuc Tartar.

Many people at this time saw horse racing as a way to have fun and earn rewards. Subsequently, horse racing events were organized at this time, and the sports began to grow. Different people came together to form committees with varying rules for their racing events. Later on, there was a need to have a supreme body governing horse racing throughout New Zealand. In 1883, Hawke’s Bay Jockey Club established a horse racing subcommittee.

The Revolution

In the 1980s, specific economic reforms brought about the creation of liberal laws. At this time, betting in New Zealand was no longer illegal. The legalization of gambling led to a boom in the industry.

Electronic gambling slots were brought into New Zealand in 1991, and they were found in public places like clubs or bars all over the country. More and more people all over New Zealand began to make use of these gambling machines. While the gambling industry was raking in  earnings, New Zealand citizens were gradually becoming addicts.

Women and children gambled and became addicted. The Problem Gambling Committee was created to help people looking for a solution to their gambling problem. This committee helped to reveal that adults were spending their life earnings on gambling.

This problem did not put an end to gambling. In the 1980s, citizens of New Zealand were introduced to lotteries.

The Present

In 2008, lotteries were introduced to the internet, which shifted the focus of gamblers in New Zealand to online gambling. Online casinos became popular gradually, and people started looking for well-paying online poker players to maximize their possible winnings.

An online casino meant more convenience for gamblers in New Zealand. People no longer had to leave their houses to play casino games. From the comfort of their beds, people could enjoy the casino experience and win money.

Today, there are numerous online casinos as there are casino centres in New Zealand. The ancient passion for gambling has been down from one generation to another. You are exposed to numerous options when you are in New Zealand, and the country will continue to find its way to the top when it comes to gambling worldwide.

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