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Allen Mall Shooting Timeline: What Happened When

This is a detailed timeline that takes a closer look at the mass shooting and the events that followed.

Allen, Texas β€” Eight people were killed in a shooting at the Allen Premium Outlet Mall in Allen, Texas on Saturday, May 6.

We continue to learn more about the suspects, victims, and how the shooting unfolded.

The WFAA team will provide updates throughout the week.

Gun control and gun control come to mind for many in the wake of the Allen Premium Outlets shooting. WFAA wants to know your thoughts. Please call 214-977-6200 and leave a voicemail.

Let’s take a closer look at the shooting and subsequent events in chronological order.

Saturday, May 6th

3:36 p.m.: Officials said the shooting occurred around 3:36 pm. Allen Premium Outlets820 W. Stacey Rd.

Witnesses told WFAA they saw the shooter, dressed in all black, near a Fatburger restaurant inside the mall. Witnesses also describe a shooting that began in front of his H&M store in the outlet mall.

The Allen Police Department confirmed that officers who were responding to unrelated incidents in the area heard gunshots and ran towards them.

3:40 p.m.: The Allen Police Department said officers “neutralized” the shooter near the Fatburger restaurant and called for paramedics.

4:22 p.m.: Allen Police Department Confirmed Officers were at the Allen Premium Outlets site and an investigation was underway.

4:30 pm: Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Control (ATF) personnel Said That department had officers who also responded to active shooter incidents.

9 pm: The Allen Police Department, along with other local and state officials, held a press conference at Allen City Hall.

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd said nine people were confirmed dead, including the suspect. Seven people were killed at the scene and two died after being taken to a nearby hospital after the shooting.

Stakeholders did not accept questions at this debriefing session.

11:53 p.m.: On Saturday night, FBI agents collected evidence from the northeast Dallas home where the shooting suspect (later identified as Mauricio Garcia) recently lived with his parents, according to WFAA sources. FBI reportedly interrogated Garcia’s family for hours.

Sunday 7th May

1:03 pm: Medical City Healthcare has issued a statement that its trauma facility has accepted eight patients from the Allen Premium Outlets shooting. Most patients arrived at Medical City McKinney, a Level II trauma center.

At the time of release, Medical City McKinney said it had four patients, one in “normal condition” and three in “critical condition.” One patient was transferred to Medical City Children’s Hospital and is in “good condition.” One patient was transported directly to Medical City Plano, a Level I trauma center, and is currently listed in ‘Normal Condition’.

16:08: According to a search warrant obtained exclusively by the WFAA, investigators found several handguns, a rifle and ammunition inside Garcia’s gray 2014 Dodge Charger at the shooting scene.

The warrant did not list the weapon used.

Garcia’s driver’s license listed his current address as the Budget Suites of America in Dallas, an extended stay hotel, according to the search warrant. A hotel employee confirmed that Garcia rented a room there, according to the warrant.

A search warrant for Garcia’s hotel room was obtained because police said they believed there was additional evidence at his residence.

17:09: The Texas Department of Public Safety, which is investigating, Identified The suspect is Mauricio Garcia.

Monday, May 8th

7:00 am: Governor Greg Abbott held a press conference about the border and the end of Title 42. He was asked about the Allen shooting.

“The first step in coming up with some solution here and providing information about the required response from Texas is knowing exactly why and how it happened,” Abbott said. “I believe that in the coming days, the public will become better informed as to why and how this happened, and to prevent such crimes from happening in the future.” He will let us know as the leader of Texas about next steps to take.”

10:20 am: A group arriving at the Allen Premium Outlets was left at the scene by some who were picking up cars. At the time, the mall remained closed.

12:22 pm: Medical City Healthcare continues to treat six patients at three hospitals from the Allen Premium Outlets shooting.

Medical City McKinney has 3 patients in “Critical Condition” and 1 patient in “Normal Condition”, Medical City Plano has 1 patient in “Normal Condition”, Medical City Children’s Hospital has There was one patient in “good condition”.

1:18 pm: Army officials have confirmed that Garcia enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2008 but was dismissed over mental health concerns.

“Mauricio Garcia enlisted in the regular army in June of 2008,” U.S. Army spokeswoman Heather J. Hagan said at a news conference. β€œHe was fired three months after he did not complete initial immigration training. He was not awarded a military professional. does not provide any soldier discharge features.”

Army officials further told WFAA that Garcia was “segregated based on Army Regulations 635-200, 2005 edition, paragraphs 5-17, and other specified physical or mental conditions.”

3:07 pm: The Dallas Independent School District has confirmed that Garcia graduated from Bryan Adams High School in 2008.

17:06: Investigators have positively identified all of the people in the shooting Garcia killed, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The department also said another press conference will be held on Tuesday, May 9.

DPS only releases the names of adult victims.

Below is a list of adult victims.

  • Christian LaCour, Male, 20, Nevada, Texas
  • Aishwarya Thatikonda, Female, 26, McKinney, TX
  • Elio Cumana-Rivas, Male, 32, Dallas, TX
  • Cindy Cho, Female, 35, Dallas, TX
  • Kyu Song Cho, Male, 37, Dallas, TX

The other three were children, identified by family and school district.

  • Daniela Mendoza, 11, Saks, TX
  • Sofia Mendoza, 8, Saks, TX
  • James Cho, 3 years old, Dallas, TX

Tuesday, May 9

2 pm: FBI, Texas Department of Public Safety, Allen Police Department held a press conference We provide the latest information on filming.

Officials said Garcia’s motives are still unknown and that forensic investigators have wiped out all of Garcia’s digital devices, including his computer and cell phone, as well as his social media pages.

Tuesday’s press conference was the first time officials involved in the investigation have spoken to the media since Saturday night.

At a press conference, authorities revealed Garcia had eight weapons. Texas Department of Public Safety Director Hank Sibley said they were all purchased legally.

When Garcia was shot and killed by Officer Allen, three weapons were found on his person. Five others were found inside Garcia’s car.

Sibley also praised the Allen officers who shot Garcia and other law enforcement agencies’ response to the scene as “excellent.”

Wednesday, May 10

10:30 am: Six victims of gunshot wounds continue to recover while remaining hospitalized, according to Medical City Healthcare.

  • Medical City McKinney: 1 patient in critical condition, 2 in normal condition, 1 in good condition
  • Medical City Plano: 1 patient in good condition
  • Medical City Children’s Hospital: 1 patient in good condition

This is a developing story and we will continue to update it as more information becomes available.

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