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Aaron Dean: Ex-Cop Sentenced to 11 Years and 10 Months

Dean chose to be judged by a jury rather than Judge George Gallagher.

Fort Worth, Texas — After a day of testimony and more than 13 hours of deliberation, Tarrant County Jurors Former Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean was sentenced to 11 years, 10 months and 12 days.

Dean is Convicted of manslaughter in 2019 shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson Thursday, December 15th.

The jury heard from several witnesses from both the prosecution and the defense. After more than 13 hours of deliberation, the jury handed down its verdict on Tuesday.

Victim Impact Statement Delivered Following the sentencing, a statement was also included from Ashley Carr, a family friend and Jefferson’s eldest daughter, who also passed on a statement from her sister, Amber Carr.

In Amber Kerr’s statement, she said Jefferson was her dependable shoulder and that she relied on her.

Amber Kerr’s statement included, “She was an inspiration to me even when she didn’t really have time to help.” , she was always joking.”

Amber Kerr’s statement also said there was no amount of judgment that made her feel like she received some amount of justice.

“Atatiana should still be here,” the statement continued. “Dean had no regrets. You can see it in his demeanor. The only difference was when he looked shocked when the verdict was read.”

Amber Carr’s statement concluded that she and her family still view Jefferson’s death as a murder, and that Dean has come out to do the same.

Ashley Carr called her sister wonderful and said she was heartbroken to learn that her family and the world had lost their beautiful sunshine.

“My sister hasn’t done anything wrong,” said Ashley Carr. “She was in her house. It was supposed to be the safest place for her, but it turned out to be the most dangerous place. I live with it. Do my job and protect her.”

Ashley Carr was jealous of Aaron Dean.

“I hated the idea of ​​you being with your family during the holiday season,” she said. I sympathize with your ignorance, you are ignorant enough to be ashamed of yourself and ignorant enough to understand your responsibility for this evil deed.”

Ashley Carr concluded by stating that he hopes Dean will spend the rest of his life thinking about this moment, and that his service as an officer is a permanent stain on the city of Fort Worth.

“Your only legacy in this life is to unrepentantly murder my sister,” she concluded. “That’s the punishment you really must face.”

Dean chose to be judged by a jury rather than Judge George Gallagher.

In closing arguments Monday, prosecutors told jurors not to forget victim Jefferson when deciding whether Dean should go to prison or receive probation.

“You are judging him for what he has done. You are holding him accountable for the choices he has made. And now you are asking yourself what Atatiana’s life’s work is.” There must be.

Smith also got emotional describing Jefferson’s final moments in front of the jury.

“When Atatiana was dying on the floor in front of her panting nephew…struggling to live, he [Dean] I stood above her and didn’t try to do anything,” Smith said.

Defense attorneys say Dean acted in self-defense because he saw Jefferson pointing a gun at him.

“There is nothing to be gained by sending this man to prison,” said attorney Bob Gill.

Gill asked the jury for a reprieve during closing arguments, at one point forcing Dean to stand.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Aaron Dean. This is the guy you make decisions in minutes,’ said Gill. “

Trial and Sentencing Summary

Former Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean’s sentencing phase began Friday morning after a Tarrant County jury he was found guilty of manslaughter Thursday afternoon.

Dean was taken into custody and transferred to Tarrant County Jail after the verdict was read.

As a result of the verdict, Dean faced 2 to 20 years in prison.

If the jury had sentenced Dean to 10 years or less and recommended a suspended sentence, Judge Gallagher would have had to grant it.

If the sentence exceeded 10 years, Dean would not have been able to get probation and an appeal bond, said WFAA investigative reporter Tanya Eisarer.

The murder trial began on Monday, December 5th.

After five days of testimony and over thirteen hours of deliberation, the verdict was handed down.

This is a developing story. Please check the latest information.

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