A Specific Buying Guide for Patio Table Covers

Patio table covers are a proven choice for patio furniture protection. They are durable, provide excellent UV protection and can accommodate all different types of patio tables. So do the little patio table covers fit your needs?

Read on to find out why patio table covers are considered an essential tool when it comes to patio furniture.

What to look for in patio table covers:

Before rushing into purchasing any patio accessory to protect your patio set, take note of these important features that should be found within any type of patio cover you will purchase. Without doing this research first, there is no way to know the patio covers that will match your patio table needs.

Size: No one wants a patio accessory to either be too small or too big for their patio furniture. This is why measuring both your patio dining set and patio chairs prior to purchasing patio table covers is important. If you have a smaller sized patio set, then going with a patio table cover that is slightly larger in size than your patio table will help ensure it doesn’t cause water build-up when it rains. However, if you have a larger sized patio set, make sure the patio table covers are designated specifically for large outdoor patio sets or they may not fit properly at all times of the year.

Material: Do you want a specific type of material for your patio accessory?

If you’ve taken the time to patio-furniture shop, your patio needs more than just patio chairs and patio tables. It’s also ideally located on a patio deck or patio terrace, as patio decoration is so important as well. A patio area generally provides an excellent place to entertain outside of home, especially if it has a grill and outdoor kitchen appliances. Now that we’re all on the same page about what decorating tools we’ll need for this patio transformation let’s discuss how we can find the perfect patio table covers. One of the best things about owning a patio set is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to making it your own! There are many colors and styles available from which to choose; however, patio table covers will add a layer of personalization and flair to your patio set that may not have been available with other patio pieces.

For instance, patio furniture covers are essential for keeping your patio furniture in excellent condition after the harshest winter months when snow, ice, rain or birds can damage them. If you plan on storing patio tables or patio chairs outside during the winter months then it’s important you invest in patio furniture covers designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Another reason why it’s essential to invest in patio table covers is because there are many different types. For example, if you own an umbrella-style patio table then you should purchase outdoor patio table covers with elastic around the border so they fit snugly over the top of the patio table. If you own a patio table with a glass top, patio table covers made of plastic will be more durable and weather-resistant than those made from fabric.

A patio is an outdoor room that provides a great place to entertain guests all year round. Whether it’s the grill or patio furniture that attracts you most, PatioTurtle has just what you need to complete your patio space. For patio ideas check out our write up on the patio trends for this summer. For some inspiration why not takes a look at our Pinterest page, we have lots of boards dedicated to gardens so if you would like us to create one specifically for you, do get in touch!

All patio furniture covers should be machine washable, even if they’re patio table covers.


By investing in patio table covers, you’ll be able to prolong the life of your patio furniture because they’ll be protected from all types of weather elements such as rain, sleet or snow. Patio furniture covers also add a sense of style and flair because there are so many different colors and styles available – whether you want patio furniture covers made from fabric or patio furniture covers made from plastic.


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