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8 high-yield savings accounts to store emergency funds

With over 4.50% APY, all of today’s top high-yield savings accounts are great places to store your emergency funds.

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No matter how confident you are in your financial planning, problems can arise without a sound plan. emergency fund. Anything can happen, but if you lose your job, fall ill, or have a large unexpected expense such as home repairs, emergency savings can help you get through life. .

The easiest way is increase your savings by putting it in high yield savings account. These accounts offer yields up to 10%-15% higher than other accounts. savings accountyou can receive as much interest as possible while you wait until you need the money.

There are many high-yield savings accounts. We’ve put together some key recommendations to make your life easier.

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A high-yield savings account ideal for storing emergency funds

All of the accounts below are insured by the FDIC. in short, your money is protected Up to $250,000 per account, per bank. They also offer features such as little to no fees and often low or no minimum balance requirements, along with his APY of 4.50% or more.

Popular Direct: 4.85% APY

Popular Direct Savings offers one of the highest APY at 4.85%. A minimum deposit of $100 is required when opening an account, and there is no monthly service fee (although there may be a $25 fee if the account is closed within 180 days of opening) . This account also allows easy access through mobile and online banking. Popular Direct is a division of Popular Bank.

CIT Bank: 4.85% APY

If you have a lot of savings, it’s worth considering a CIT Bank platinum savings account. We offer 4.85% APY, but you must deposit at least $100 when opening an account and maintain a balance of at least $5,000 (if you do not meet the minimum balance, you will only earn 0.25% APY). There are no ongoing charges for this account. CIT Bank is a division of First-Citizens Bank and Trust.

UFB Direct: 4.81% APY

UFB Direct’s Premier Savings Account is ideal for those who value high yields as well as easy, hassle-free banking. With a competitive 4.81% APY, there are no account minimums or fees. We also offer free ATM cards, mobile check deposits, and other online banking features. UFB Direct is a division of Axos Bank.

TAB Bank: 4.76% APY

TAB Bank’s High Yield Savings Account earns an APY of 4.76%, no minimum balance or minimum deposit requirements, and no maintenance fees. There is also no maximum balance requirement, so there is no cap on the interest you can earn.

Basque Bank: 4.75% APY

The APY of the Basque Bank interest rate savings account is the next best in the list at 4.75%. There are no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements, but you must make a deposit within 15 days of opening your account. Basque Bank is a division of Texas Capital Bank.

Salem Five Direct: 4.61% APY

Earn 4.61% APY when you use your Salem Five Direct eOne Savings account. A minimum deposit of $10 is required to open an account, but deposits up to $1 million earn interest. This account also has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. Salem Five Direct is a division of Salem Five Bank.

Bread savings: 4.61% APY

Bread Savings High Yield Savings Account earns an APY of 4.65% with no monthly fees or maintenance fees. A minimum deposit of $100 is required to open an account. Bread Savings is part of Bread Financial, formerly known as Comenity Capital Bank.

Public Access: 4.50% APY

If you have $0.01 or more, you can open a high yield online savings account with Citizens Access. That is the minimum deposit requirement at the start. This account offers 4.50% APY and no monthly fees.

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Emergency savings are very important to ensure financial security. And with the high-yield savings account mentioned above, you can take advantage of the highest APY on the market today to make your savings even more effective.How to carefully find the best account for you Compare your choicesmaintain Keep these important questions in mind.

No matter which account you choose, you can rest easy knowing you have funds to rely on if things go wrong.

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