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4 Essentials You Should Have in Your Survival Kit

Nowadays, people are informed about the importance of having an emergency survival kit. The survival kit protects you whenever there is a disaster such as a flood, earthquake, or even war. It will provide safety for you and your family. You cannot know when a disaster will strike. Therefore, to be safe, you should make sure that you have the kit ready at all times. When the calamity strikes, you may have to evacuate from your house or office; hence, you should ensure that various items are available in the Survival Kit. Below are the essentials for an emergency survival kit.


Water is a basic need that is crucial for survival. Without water for days, your family will suffer. Therefore, you must have water ready at all times. The water should not be taken unless it has been in storage for some time. When there is a severe disaster like a flood or drought, water may not be available. Therefore advisable that you store water that you can take for two weeks straight. Before the week’s end, you will have acquired solutions elsewhere. You can also keep more water if there is a complete shortage and the neighbors come knocking at your door. Being in a position to help is satisfying. A survival kit will always keep you feeling secure about your surroundings because you are always prepared.

First aid kit

Danger may occur when you are in your house or at the office. Therefore, it is significant that you always have a first aid kit with you. It should have all the required items that can be used when performing first aid. The equipment should be stocked with painkillers, ointments, bandages, rubbing alcohol, and gloves. If any family member has prescribed medication, you should also include it in the first aid kit. It is also advisable that you carry around inhalers. You may not necessarily use it, but it can help an individual whose life may depend on it. Make sure that you regularly check the expiry dates of those medications. This ensures that they will still be of good use whenever there is an emergency.

Ensure there is enough food

Some disasters may lead to the closure of supermarkets and grocery stores. In your survival kit, you must store non-perishable foods. This means that they will not go bad even if there is no power. Ensure that you keep food that could last you and your family for two weeks. Make sure that you don’t use the food you have in the survival kit for daily use. After some time, something may come up, and you may access the food from the stores.

Store a radio and a flashlight

There can be instances where you get caught up in the storm, and the power gets lost. In such scenarios, you cannot use your phone as a light source. Therefore, ensure that you have a flash that you can use to see in the dark. Ensure that the flashlight is battery-powered; hence it will not go off after a while. On the other hand, the battery-powered radio will keep you updated on what is happening in the world.

Being prepared is always a positive thing. Ensure to keep your Survival Kit in check to see whether you have everything you need. Make sure that you observe the above necessities to have the best kit.



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