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23 things that will happen in 2023

Only a few more days until the world welcomes the New Year. Here are 23 things to do in 2023.

WASHINGTON — From the coronation of a king to the Hollywood giant’s 100th anniversary, there are plenty of global and national events to look forward to in 2023.

Only a few more days until the world welcomes the New Year. Here are 23 things to do in 2023.

23 things to look forward to in 2023

rihanna super bowl halftime

Shortly after she returned to music, Rihanna is set to perform on the Super Bowl halftime stage in February. national football league Announced in September The Barbadian singer will headline the show at Super Bowl 57 on Sunday, February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona.

Rihanna recently released a single from Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” her first solo song in six years.

With over 250 million records sold worldwide, Rihanna ranks as one of the best-selling female artists of all time. Her last album was her 2016 “Anti”.

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Coronation of King Charles III

Charles III will be crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6, 2023, embracing the past while looking to the modern world after the late Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign.

of The world last witnessed a British royal coronation in 1953Camilla, consort to the Queen, will be crowned alongside her husband.

The Imperial State Crown is used during service. Many speculate that it will be shorter It didn’t get any more extravagant than a three-hour ceremony in honor of my late mother.

The ceremony is traditionally held several months after a monarch ascends the throne to provide time to mourn his predecessor and organize the event.

100th Anniversary of The Walt Disney Company

The company that started with the famous mouse will celebrate its 100th anniversary in February 2023.

Disney has revealed big plans to mark its 2021 milestone. This includes an exhibition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that honors the company’s rich history and heritage.

The exhibit features historical collections and artifacts from the company’s archives, as well as a 15,000-square-foot immersive collection showcasing characters and stories from the last century.

Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary

The Walt Disney Company isn’t the only Hollywood pioneer to celebrate the Big 100 in 2023. Warner Bros. turns 100 in April 2023 and planning a large-scale festival.

In its “Celebrate Every Story” campaign, Warner Bros. debuted a new logo and a series of specials, including a three-part documentary about the company’s history on HBO Max, Variety reports.

OSIRIS-REX’s first NASA mission to collect samples from an asteroid

of OSIRIS-REx NASA The mission is scheduled to return to Earth in 2023 with results from the asteroid Bennu. Launched in 2016, the spacecraft has already collected a wealth of data about the asteroid, including its composition and surface features.

In September 2023, we plan to bring back samples from the asteroid. The asteroid has undergone little geological change since its formation, so the samples are expected to provide insight into the early solar system.

It will be the first U.S. spacecraft to collect samples from an asteroid.

FIFA Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia

The football fever isn’t over yet, as the Women’s World Cup will be held in New Zealand and Australia just seven months after the Men’s World Cup ended.

of The event will run from July 20th to August 20th and will feature 32 teams from around the world. In addition to hosts New Zealand and Australia, teams from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe will participate.

Team USA are the defending champions and have won four tournament titles.

Live-action remake of The Little Mermaid

Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid is due for release in 2023.

Directed by Rob Marshall, it features music from the original animated film and new songs written by Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Halle Bailey, one half of the musical duo Chloe x Halle, stars as a mermaid princess who dreams of living on land.Jonah Hauer-King plays Prince Eric, who falls in love with Ariel.

The film has an all-star cast including Melissa McCarthy as Ursula and Javier Bardem as King Triton.

Singing Mermaid fans can see Bailey’s Ariel in theaters on May 26, 2023.

long awaited movie

2023 is shaping up to be a great year for moviegoers, with some highly anticipated films set to hit theaters.

The 2021 film sequel, Dune: Part 2, continues the epic tale of Paul Atreides, played by Timothée Chalamet, fighting for control of the desert planet of Arrakis. The latest installment in the popular action franchise, John Wick: Chapter 4, will also premiere next year.

Greta Gerwig’s comedy film Barbie, based on the iconic doll, will be released in summer 2023. The movie, which stars Margot Robbie as Barbie, will be the toy’s first live-action film.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate, the latest chapter in the adventure series, may be the last time fans of the franchise can admire Harrison Ford wearing the iconic hat and whip.

With so many exciting movies to watch, 2023 should be a great year at the box office.

Eurovision 2023

67th edition Annual Eurovision Song Contest It will be held in Liverpool, England. Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra Having won the 2022 competition, this usually means that Ukraine will host this year’s competition. However, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, that is not possible, so the Global Event will be held in the UK.

In 2021, 183 million people watched the televised competition.

Main concert tour

This year is shaping up to be a very impressive year for concert tours. Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson The tour will start in 2023 for the first time in several years.

No official announcement or tour dates yet. Beyonce seems to be back in OctoberShe plans to go on tour in the summer of 2023.

Increased social security

By 2023, benefits for millions of social security beneficiaries will increase by 8.7%.

of cost of living adjustment — Largest in over 40 years — According to the Social Security Administration, the average beneficiary will receive an extra $140 or more per month starting in January.

ICC men’s cricket world cup.

of 2023 Cricket World Cup is a highly anticipated event for cricket fans around the world.

Held every four years, this tournament sees the world’s best teams compete for the coveted trophy. The event will be held in India and fans are expected to fill the stands to watch their favorite teams take to the pitch.

England won the last Cricket World Cup of 2019 and are the defending champions. Taking place in October 2023 and his November, the event will be the first time the entire event will be held in India.

MLB changes

major league Next season, it will introduce some of its most radical rules, adopt a pitch clock, and limit defensive shifts after the latest analysis concludes it has created a slower, less fun sport.

MLB hopes the pitch clock will help reduce the average time for a nine-inning game.

Solar eclipse as seen from the western United States

upon October 14, 2023, The eclipse is visible from parts of North and South America and the eastern Pacific.

Known as an annular eclipse, this eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, blocking most of the Sun’s light and creating a “ring” effect.

Peak TV shows are back

The popular Star Wars spin-off Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian, is set to return for a new season in 2023. Joining the TV lineup returning next year are Ted Lasso on Apple TV and The Outer Banks on Netflix. .”

‘Succession’ is also set to return with a fourth season in 2023.

restart tv show

The beloved sitcom That ’70s Show is making a comeback next year. That ’90s Show on Netflix It focuses on the children of the original cast. The reboot will also bring back many original cast members, including Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Wilmer Valderrama.

Netflix also plans to release a live-action version of the popular animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender in 2023. The original series follows the adventures of a boy named Aang, an avatar who is the master of all four elements. .

25th anniversary of the release of James Cameron’s Titanic.

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of James Cameron’s epic romance, Titanic.

Released in 1997, the film became a global phenomenon, breaking box office records and winning 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

as soon as the deadlinethe film has been remastered for re-release in theaters in February 2023.

North Star Dawn

March 2023, Polaris Dawn, Although a private space company, it plans to conduct its first commercial spacewalk.

Spacewalks are expected to mark an important milestone in the growing field of space tourism and will undoubtedly be a major event in 2023. The space industry is watching Polaris Dawn’s commercial spacewalks closely and is expected to pave the way for many more. Such a venture in the future.

Say goodbye to Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera

In 2023, the long-running Broadway musical The Phantom of the Opera will hit the stage. Set the final performance.

The musical, which has weathered depression, war and cultural change since 1988, will make its final Broadway run on April 16.

Super Nintendo World Grand Opening in Hollywood

In 2023, super famicom world A land based on the popular Nintendo video game franchise is set to open at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The park is the first Super Nintendo World in the United States, featuring attractions and rides based on Nintendo’s popular franchise, Super Mario. It transcends realms as guests reach the Mushroom Kingdom through the iconic green pipes.

New iPhone 15 and Samsung Galaxy

In 2023, both Apple and Samsung will release their latest smartphones, the iPhone 15 and Samsung Galaxy.

Details about the new devices are currently scarce, but rumors and leaks suggest that both phones will have upgrades and new features.

India overtakes China to become world’s most populous country

India is expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country. in a United Nations report.

IBM announces quantum computer with over 1,000 qubits

In 2023, IBM plans to debut its latest quantum computerwill have more than 1,000 qubits.

IBM’s new quantum computer, Condor, is expected to be one of the most powerful machines of its kind, capable of tackling complex problems beyond the capabilities of conventional computers.

The debut of IBM’s 1,000+ qubit quantum computer will be a milestone for the tech industry in 2023.

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