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2022 NFL Draft Prospects To Watch

The NFL’s last season ended with the Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl. Now, the league is gearing up for its 2022 season. Teams will send their top recruiters to the upcoming combine to watch the league’s top draft prospects. A few have stood out from the crowd. Plus, there are numerous questions to answer before the new season begins. For instance, some wonder whether Aaron Rodgers will step away from the Packers and find a new home elsewhere. There is always a chance that Russell Wilson will be moved.

If this happens, the teams in question must find a way to field the void. Below, readers will learn about some of the top 2022 NFL draft prospects.

Kyler Gordon

The Buffalo Bills need to pick up a good cornerback. As a result, many expect the team to draft Kyler Gordon who will compete for the position against Tre’Davious White. Gordon is expected to be exactly what the Bills are looking for in a cornerback. He’ll likely be available when the team makes its first draft pick late in the first round. The American football player served as the cornerback for the Washington Huskies during his collegiate career. The 22-year-old was born in Everett, Washington. However, many expect him to be drafted by the Buffalo Bills.

If that happens, he’ll have to pack his bags and move to New York. Gordon is often described as twitchy and explosive. He is good at managing coverage and should be a good addition to the Buffalo Bills. However, he could be picked up by another team before the Bills get their chance to draft this cornerback.

Kenneth Walker III

There has been a lot of talk about Michigan State’s Kenneth Walker III. The running back proved to be a powerful force for Michigan State last season. While he could be picked up earlier, many claim that the Miami Dolphins will be eager to draft Walker. The team is looking for a leader with immense upside so Walker could be the perfect pick. The 1A rusher would indeed make the team much better. Walker was recently named the 2021 Walter Camp National Player of the Year. He was voted 6th in the Heisman voting from last season.

The dynamic athlete could easily be a three-down starter when he moved to the National Football League. Regardless, those who enjoy เว็บตรง bets can guarantee that Walker will be drafted by an NFL team. Mike McDaniel will be entering his first year as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Adding Walker to his roster could make his first year more successful.

Damone Clark

Another top draft prospect will be Damone Clark. The linebacker proved to be a vital component of LSU’s defense last season. He has the perfect body type and playing style for the New England Patriots. The team is expected to pick him in the second round. The Patriots are working hard to build an effective offense around their green quarterback Mac Jones. The team will also want to bolster its defense. Adding Clark to the team would be a good step in the right direction.

Last season, Clark played in all 12 regular-season games. He was one of the most successful linebackers for the LSU Tigers. For instance, he led the nation with 135 tackles. He also had one interception, 15 TFLs, and five sacks. Clark is one of the primary reasons his team was bowl eligible. He helped win the game against Texas A&M by sacking the quarterback twice near the end of the game.

Ahmad Gardner

Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner played for Cincinnati last season. The cornerback is likely going to be picked up by the Jets during the draft. It is believed he will be picked in the first or second round. The Jets need a player like Gardner to help enhance their defense since it struggled last year. The team is also looking for a tackle, tight end, guard, and wide receiver. Regardless, Gardner will be among the team’s first picks. The Jets struggled on defense last season as they allowed 500 or more yards in several games.

The team will try to rectify this problem by adding Gardner to the roster. He will prove to be a good addition to the team’s struggling defense.

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