10 Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Move

Simply moving to a new house in the same town is nerve-racking. Imagine how stressful the preparations are for a cross-country move. The mere thought of change can trigger anxiety. The idea of new people, neighborhood, climate, and social life can cause anyone a bit of a culture shock. Besides, organizing and packing your stuff is a daunting task. Aside from the overwhelming inventory list, a cross-country move can also become a logistical nightmare. With the help of Texas long-distance moving companies, though, you can make the process a little bit easier.

Are you wondering how you can make moving to Texas less overwhelming? Here are 10 tips and tricks for a smooth move:

  1. Start Packing Now. It’s easy to underestimate the incredible amount of time needed to sort and pack your belongings. It would be best to double or even triple the time you’ve allocated for organizing and packing.
  2. Use Top Quality Supplies. As much as possible, invest in new, high-quality boxes and packing materials. The supplies may cost you a little bit more, but they can help reduce the risk of accidental damage.
  3. File a Change of Address. Contact your Post Office ahead of time to file an official change of address notice. This ensures that your mail is delivered to your new location.
  4. Pack Your Stuff Properly. Pack the items from the same room in the same box. Don’t mix them up, so unpacking is easy. Also, use smaller boxes for heavier items. They’re a lot easier to carry this way. Save the larger ones for lighter things instead. Lastly, avoid overpacking the boxes.
  5. Wrap Fragile Items Properly. Instead of newspaper, use the right packing paper on delicate items. This way, you can avoid smearing or staining your valuables. Group them together and ensure that they’re labeled as fragile.
  6. Label the Boxes. Never forget to label all of the boxes to make unpacking easier on you. You wouldn’t want to waste time figuring out what items are in the boxes and which room they go in.
  7. Keep the Most Important Items with You. Avoid packing your medications, jewelry, and cash. Instead, keep these items with you. You may need them on moving day. Besides, it would be nice for the movers not to worry about monitoring these little but very valuable items.
  8. Prepare a Moving-Day Survival Kit. Before moving day, ensure that you have a survival kit ready to avoid any discomfort during your move and upon arrival. This should contain essential household items that will get your entire family through the first night unscathed. Some of the necessary items are toiletries, snacks, bottles of water, phone chargers, a flashlight, and a cellphone.
  9. Get a Good Night’s Sleep. See to it that you get seven to nine hours of sleep before moving day. There will be mishaps along the way. So, you’d want to be physically and mentally ready to handle the potential challenges more effectively.
  10. No Packing on Moving Day. Ensure that you finish packing everything before moving day. This includes removing all pictures and frames from your walls. It’s simply one less stress on this busy day. You’d want everything ready to roll once the movers show up.

A cross-country move doesn’t have to be a brutal process. The key to surviving this ordeal is thorough planning. You have to be fully prepared not just logistically but for the unexpected and for all things new as well.




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