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Working ways and tips to increase followers’ activity on your Instagram photos


Instagram account engagement is a key component to overall marketing success. It’s great when people are seeing your pictures and videos, but unless they hit that like button and leave a comment you aren’t going to receive the full impact of that traffic.

While there’s no one way to get your fans to go the extra mile, there are behaviors you can adapt that will predictably and consistently make your account a magnate for traffic and overall engagement. Of course, one easy way to boost activity is to buy 25 Instagram likes from SocialGrows.com. We will talk a little bit more about that in the paragraphs below while also reflecting on some other methods you can use to drive up activity. Read on!

Quality Over Everything

All the marketing in the world can’t make bad content popular. If you really want people to engage with your posts, make sure that the things you are uploading are excellent and tonally consistent. People go to fast food chains with the understanding that every trip will yield essentially the same experience.

A Big Mac in St. Louis is the same as a Big Mac in Chicago. So it should be with your content. While each post will most likely be distinct in its way, they should have a quality of continuity to them—a stamp that distinguishes them as having come from you.

 Respond to Everyone

No one likes speaking into a void. One of the best ways to promote activity on your account is to foster an environment of discussion. A simple “thank you” may be enough to keep your followers feeling recognized and engaged.

Just be certain to make sure that your comments are professional. Arguing with followers, or throwing insults will only serve to drive people away.

Buy Engagements

Few social media practices are more controversial and misunderstood than that buying engagements. But while this taboo is seen as off-limits to many it’s actually a common and effective way to navigate the social media platform search engine crawl.

Instagram, like any major social media platform, is a supersaturated content marketplace. With millions of uploads per minute, any single post is like a drop in a vast ocean. Even very excellent content is destined to go unnoticed without a little bit of tender love and care.

Obviously, Instagram cannot physically review each post to determine what content deserves its spotlight. Therefore they have an algorithm. A system that rewards popular posts with more organic traffic.

By purchasing engagements, you find yourself on the favorable side of that algorithm. You also just make your account appear more favorable to the discerning viewer. People considering your content may be more likely to provide a like or drop a comment if they see other people have already done it. To that end, buying engagements can serve as a bridge towards organic activity.

Be Predictable

Predictability and art are not words that often go hand in hand. And indeed, your content should be as bold and surprising as you like. When you post, however, should not be.

While social media content has the benefit of being available for review at all hours of the day, that doesn’t mean you can expect your followers to constantly scroll your feed looking for posts they may have missed. While certain, loyal followers may be depended on to do exactly this, the average viewer won’t look far beyond their own timeline when searching for content.

For that reason, it is very important to post when the highest number of people are likely to see it. Analytic software may help you get a good idea of when your audience is most active online. Be sure to post consistently at these times.

To increase your success, consider not just the time, but the day of your posts. If followers know that you post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4 PM (for example) they will have a much easier time finding your content.

Lean into Video

Instagram video really exploded in 2021, especially with the introduction of a new feature called Instagram “Reel”. While the platform is still a great place to showcase your photography skills, you shouldn’t be afraid to tap into your inner Spielberg to give your account a fresher vibe.

Not only will tapping into the video trend help you stand out amongst the competition, thus driving engagement, it will also be an easy and fun way to push the bounds of your creativity.

The app is chock full of tools designed to make your videos look great, making it easier than ever to produce compelling content.

Be Hashtag Literate

Everyone has at least a vague idea of how important hashtags are, but unless you are really strategic with your implementation, you won’t get everything you can out of them. To maximize post engagement it’s important to understand what hashtags are driving people to your posts.

Analytic tools will allow you to take a very granular look at which hashtags have proven the most effective on your account in the past. This information can be used both to inform how you caption your posts, and on what kind of content your audience is most interested in. For example, if your most popular hashtag is #KitchenSelfie you might decide to post more cooking content.

Everything with Time

While having an overnight viral hit maybe the dream of every digital content creator, it’s best to plan for a much more gradual type of success. More often than not, good online marketing habits are quite a lot like good health habits: gradual, but accumulative. While any single measure might not produce immediate results, a healthy menagerie of proven techniques are sure to produce the results you are looking for overtime.

Remember: quality is king. Create great content, market with care and vigor, and watch your growing audience react.


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