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Why is Uninterruptible Power Supply Integral for the Industrial Sector?

Just a few weeks ago, the world was sitting on the verge of a major power crisis, with coal-based thermal power generation plants running out of steam, many countries were facing blackouts on a large scale. Fortunately, by deploying uninterruptible power supply, the crisis was averted, and we were all saved from having to spend our days in complete darkness.

However, this incident made us all realize what an important role power plays in the lives of billions of people across the globe. It’s not that we weren’t aware, we had kind of taken it for granted that the lights would turn on at the flick of a switch.

The crisis could have brought the entire global economy to a standstill and resulted in revenue loss of  billions of dollars. This brings our focus to uninterruptible power supply, a system to ensure consistent supply of power during an outage or downtime.

Most of us understand it to be a small device that helps keep our computers running in the event of a power cut. However, they are an important a part of the industrial sector too, where large commercial systems are responsible for powering everything from large data centres to critical systems in hospitals. It’s an indispensable piece of hardware that’s crucial for the day-to-day operations of critical services regardless of the power situation.

How does Uninterruptible Power Supply work?

The UPS system can be either online or offline; however, both the systems use a DC link inverter connected to a battery and trickle charger. In the event of a power failure, an off-line system works by utilizing a transfer switch that disconnects the main power line and connects the load to an inverter. On the other hand, in an online system, the system automatically switches to the DC link inverter without delay, making the process almost instantaneous compared to an off-line system.

Importance of Uninterruptible Power Supply in the Industrial Sector

One of the industry’s operation is to support water industry monitoring and control systems where it’s critical that the control system operation be maintained even in case of a power failure. Not only that, industries where hardware such as telecommunication equipment, computers, data centers are at risk of damage or data loss due to sudden loss in power, the chances ofpower disruptions in business require an uninterruptible power supply to negate the damaging effects that power surges can have on such sensitive pieces of equipment.

There are three main roles that an uninterruptible power supply plays in the industrial sector, all of which are crucial for the proper functioning and continuity of vital operations.

  • Continuity:  Prevents factory production lines and critical pieces of equipment like computers from coming to a standstill.
  • Consistency: Advanced electronics inbuilt within the system ensures that power kicks in as and when required without any glitches or surges in power, allowing for time to shut down the main system if required.
  • Protection: Protects sensitive and expensive equipment and appliances from damages and data loss due to any surges and spikes in power or in case power dips or fails completely.


The role of an uninterrupted power supply in the industrial sector is indispensable, without which there is always the looming risk of vital machinery and functions coming to a standstill resulting in unimaginable loss to businesses and organizations.

Therefore, partnering with a reputed electrical company is vital for ensuring that businesses and organizations continue to function at optimal levels even if the power situation gets erratic or unpredictable.


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