Which Golf Club Should I Use? A Complete Guide

No matter how good you are in executing the moves when playing golf, you will not be at your best if you don’t have the appropriate or the right kind of golf club. It’s a no-brainer that the golf club is very important when playing golf because it’s the one that you’ll use to hit the golf ball. So if it’s not of good quality, then it will really affect your overall performance. This is why in this article, we will lay down the qualities that make a good golf club.

  1. Assess yourself in terms of average score or skill level. 

The first step towards knowing which golf club is appropriate is asking yourself, what’s my average score? It will be classified into three — below 80, 80 to 90, Over 90. Knowing one’s capabilities is key to choosing the right golf club. Each of the ranges above determines your skills in terms of swinging and other factors such as the moment of inertia (MOIs). In other words, choose what’s appropriate according to your average score and skills level.

  1. Thickness of the grip. 

The principle that too much of anything is bad applies to this one. Too thin and too thick golf club grip qualities could spell a disaster on your swinging. So this means there should be a balanced level of grip. One product that obtains such a standard and sets as a perfect example is the Callaway Edge. It has a super-stroke grip that stabilizes each stroke. This enables the player to be consistent and balanced.

If you want to find out more about the Callaway Edge and see reviews of other golf clubs, I Over Golf is an excellent place to start.

  1. Choosing the right length of the shaft is key. 

The shaft too should be based on bodily attributes such as the type of body, physical strength, and height. The taller you are, the longer or lengthier your shaft should be. The shaft flex is also important because this affects your swing. If it’s not the right type, it will not suit the way you swing your golf club, thereby affecting performance.

  1. Loft. 

There is no uniform or standard when it comes to a good loft because it depends on the swing you make. But in most cases, the range of 13 to 19-degree angle is commonly used. Therefore, the degree angle of your loft should depend on the need of your golf clubs. For example, the low loft would be the most appropriate if you swing faster and hit down on the ball.

  1. Clubhead. 

Same as with loft, there is no specific clubhead standard that will make one a good clubhead, but most professionals would say, the larger, the better. That’s because large club heads may go well with your swing, even if it’s not that good. The catch is that larger clubheads are heavy and hard to control.

Final Words

You are not at your best if you do not have a good golf club to use when playing golf. Also, you need to know what clubhead is most suitable. As stated above, most of the components when choosing a golf club don’t have a specific standard to make it good. Thus, it all comes down to what suits you best based on the important factors mentioned.


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