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What States are Still Set to Legalize Gambling in the US?

Each state in the US can govern their own gambling laws. There is not one, overriding law for the whole country and some states have taken steps to legalize gambling. Legalizing gambling is not a straightforward process and different types of gambling can fall under separate pieces of legislation. For example, sports betting, casinos, poker, online casinos, and online sportsbooks can all be legal in one state or just one or two of them could be legal. So, when assessing what states are yet to legalize gambling in the US, it is not always clear cut.

Sports Betting

If we begin with sports betting, there are many states that are yet to legalize the practice. Alabama and California are examples states that have failed to legalize sports betting. Alabama does not have a land-based casino, so legalising sports betting is always going to be tricky and multiple bills proposing sports betting in the state have been shot down. Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Vermont, North Dakota, and Utah are all states where sports betting is not legal, and it is unlikely that will change. However, sports betting is currently not legal in California, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, South Carolina, and South Dakota but that could be about to change soon. We expect to see many of these states legalize sports betting.

Online Casinos

Now we switch our attention to online casinos. Due to the small number of states that have legalized online casinos in the US, it is easier to list them rather than the ones that have not. Online casino gambling is currently legal in Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. That means, there are 44 states within the US where online casinos are yet to be legalized. However, at least five states have shown a keen interest in legalizing online casinos, and we expect to see news from Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, and North Carolina soon.

Many of the world’s leading online casino brands will be following the developments in the United States closely. Casumo online casino has already developed a reputation for delivering a high-quality online casino experience in Europe. It can only be a matter of time before Casumo and other top online casinos move into the US market.

Online Sports Betting

Despite the fact sports betting has become legal in many states in recent years, the same laws do not apply to online and mobile sports betting. There are many states where online sports betting has yet to be legalized in the US but much like online casinos, some states are closer than others to making online sports betting legal. Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Nebraska, and Wyoming are all states still set to legalize online sports betting and it should happen soon. Several states have expressed an interest in legalizing online sports betting, including Montana, California, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana but progress has been slow, andit may take some time for the legalization process to begin.

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