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What Is Expedited Shipping?

Ecommerce businesses saw a phenomenal jump during the covid-19 pandemic. So it has become crucial for these businesses to meet the customers’ expectations and deliver the orders as soon as possible. Ecommerce businesses across the globe prioritize expedited shipping and consider it as one of the major USPs of the business.

There is no pinpoint definition for expedited shipping as it may depend upon the service provider. A more straightforward explanation of expedited shipping is that it refers to any faster delivery method than the regular and standardized mode of shipping. 

Now you might be wondering there are many other modes of delivery such as express mode, one-day delivery, two-day delivery, and do these vary from expedited shipping. The term “expedited shipping” encompasses all the terms mentioned above(Think of it as an umbrella term for all those). Confused? Don’t you worry, we are here to give a complete picture of what expedited shipping is, and its advantages. So hop right in to know more.

What Does Expedited Shipping Mean?

Expedited shipping refers to a method of shipping that ensures faster transit and delivery. It also means that a particular package is assigned higher priority and improved delivery speed. Normally shipments under this mode of delivery move from the sellers to buyers’ doorstep without any stop. 

The three modes that fall under the expedited shipping category are

  • express deliveries (1-3 days typically for international services)
  • next-day deliveries 
  • same-day deliveries

How Long is Expedited Shipping?

Regular delivery methods will take three days as a rule of thumb. Anything faster than the standard mode of delivery is considered expedited shipping, and the orders will get delivered within 1 to 3 days from the time it is shipped. 

However, there is no standard, expedited shipping timing for all the e-commerce stores. One store’s expedited timing may be the standard delivery time of another, and it all depends on how the logistics are handled and the buyer’s locations, and much more. The average shipping timing is 2-3 days, a day or two less than the standard delivery times.

Factors to consider before opting for an expedited delivery for your business:

  1. Cost: The cost of expedited shipping is more when compared to the standard delivery methods. Multiple online providers will offer you shipping services for competitive prices. Opt for the expedited shipping company that provides the best rates for your business and shipments.
  2. Classifications: It is essential to understand the categories as they affect shipping costs and shipping modes. Does your shipment sit in a truck? Does your shipment need an entire truck or only half? It is very important to consider this factor before opting for expedited shipping.
  3. Right partner: Choosing the right and expert transportation services provider for your shipping services will give you peace of mind. You can be assured of the shipments delivered at the right time with the right associates.
  4. Tracking: This brings the transparency that is required into the supply chain. With tracking, you can know where the problem arose and immediately prepare for solving it so that there is a minimum of fuss.

Advantages of expedited delivery:(Why should businesses offer expedited delivery?)

Here are a few of the top advantages of offering expedited delivery options on your e-commerce store.

  1. Build customer loyalty: Yes, you guessed it right. Repeat purchases do 43% of the revenue generated by e-commerce businesses. So when your business provides fast and on-time delivery, it is way easier to retain customers. Additionally, the time and cost saved on each customer through fast shipping can be resourced towards marketing and product development that helps you acquire more customers.
  2. Reduce cart abandonment and increase sales: Do you know that more than 4.6 trillion USD is lost to cart abandonment each year in e-commerce sales? You can find out more interesting insights about that topic here: https://www.shipbob.com/blog/cart-abandonment/. Teaming up with a good 3pl and providing faster and reliable shipping services will decrease cart abandonment and increase sales. Offering cost-effective and fast delivery options can increase your conversions.
  3. Focus more on core competencies and product development: The e-commerce world is filled with fierce competitors. Due to the rapid changes that the industry is undergoing, it has become tough to stay alive in the competition. We all agree that shipping is the core part of any e-commerce business. Still, other vital parts of the business like marketing, innovation, and product development need your focus. Handing over the shipping activities of your company to a trusted and reliable 3pl will not only reduce the burden on your shoulder but also helps you focus on staying at the top of the e-commerce game.
  4. Scaling your business: Outsourcing the shipping process to a company will help you focus on increasing the number of sales. If you plan on expanding the business globally, the company will handle all the logistics required for the expansion. They can also help you navigate various trade regulations necessary for your business.

Which shipping carriers offer expedited shipping?

Just as we have seen different businesses offering different timings for expedited shipping, it is the same with the carriers. USPS offers the “fastest domestic service” called Priority mail express. This option offers next-day delivery, and the package is delivered by 10:30 am the next morning. They also give your package a tracking option and add-ons like a certificate of mailing and sign-on-delivery. This package starts from $24.70.

Other carriers, UPS and FedEx, offer all kinds of delivery, including next-day, two-day, and three-day delivery.


So to summarize the article, we have seen what expedited shipping means. Any delivery that arrives at the customers’ doorstep before the standard delivery time(usually five days) is referred to as expedited shipping. Expedited shipping is also an umbrella term for express delivery, 2-day delivery, 1-day delivery, and same-day delivery. 

We have also seen how long expedited shipping takes. It largely depends upon the service provider, but the average time for expedited delivery is 2-3 days, a day or two less than the regular delivery time.

Factors like cost, classifications, the right partner, and tracking affect opting for expedited delivery. These factors are critical as they can make or break your business.

Expedited shipping gives you severe advantages like customer retention, increased sales, focusing more on core competencies, and scaling your business correctly without any hassle.

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